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University of Glasgow School of Law - Glasgow, Scotland

An exchange agreement between the University at Buffalo and the University of Glasgow has opened doors between both institutions.

Founded in 1451, the University of Glasgow is the fourth oldest university in Britain. In 2015 the Glasgow School of Law was ranked 62nd in the world and is one of Briain's leading law schools.

The Glasgow School of Law is situated in the historic Stair Building and the Sir Alexander Stone Building, both at the heart of the University's beautiful Gilmorehill campus in the West End of Glasgow.

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If you are interested in our Study Abroad program, please contact:

  • Johanna Oreskovic. Asst. Dean for International & Graduate Student Support or 716-645-2474

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2016-17 Fact Sheet (PDF)
Provides everything you will want to know about Glasgow's application process, such as deadlines, Visa requirements and more.


Information Sheet (PDF)
Provides information on enrollment and registration, hours of study, assessment and grading, and course offerings.

Eligibility & Application

This program is open to UB Law students in their second or third year of study who are in good standing (not on academic supervision). Students considering this program need to be nominated by the University at Buffalo School of Law and should be aware of the following:

  1. The Registrar must confirm that courses taken at Glasgow will meet UB Law graduation requirements if required (i.e. if you visit in your 3rd year and need a seminar we must approve the content of this seminar)
  2. Participants in this program are required to have a high level of English proficiency. Students may be asked to submit to language testing before issuing final approval for their participation.
  3. The maximum credits taken cannot exceed 30

Students interested in this program should contact Vice Dean for International and Graduate Programs, Professor Meredith Kolsky Lewis.

Number of UB Law students attending the Bilateral Exchange Program with the University of Glasgow School of Law for 2015-2016: 0.


The School of Law is situated in the University's beautiful Gilmorehill campus, located in the west end of Glasgow, 3 miles from the city center. In this bustling campus, you will find the University's grand main building as well as several research facilities.


Courses taken will be chosen in consultation with the Vice Dean for International and Graduate Programs and the current course offerings at Glasgow School of Law. It may be determined that some will count toward UB Law’s concentrations or program requirements, which will be determined by the Director of that Concentration or Program.

Student Performance & Grading

Grades earned during a student’s time abroad are accepted at the University at Buffalo School of Law. More information on assessment can be found at Glasgow’s website.

When UB Law students finish their studies a transcript is sent from the University of Glasgow, which is then translated by the UB Study Abroad Office and transferred to the University at Buffalo School of Law transcript. Course titles, credits and grades will transfer, up to 30 credits maximum. A grading scale can be provided upon request by the Office of Records, Registration, & Financial Aid.

Fees and Cancellation

Students continue to pay UB Law tuition, health insurance, and health service fees and will be billed through the usual UB process. The University of Glasgow may charge additional non-academic fees for things such as sports and wellness.

Glasgow School of Law reserves the right to cancel any course for reasons of insufficient student registration. Students will receive due notice to that effect. If changes are announced prior to a student's departure and the student is unable to identify satisfactory substitute courses, the student may choose to withdraw from the program. If cancellation occurs after a student has arrived in Glasgow, substitute courses must be selected and submitted for approval to the Office of Records, Registration, & Financial Aid.

Library and Research Services

The University of Glasgow Library is one of the oldest and largest university libraries in Europe, origins dating back to the 15th century. The Library houses over 1 million cataloged books and electronic access to millions of e-books, journal titles and legal research materials.

While at Glasgow, students will have access to skilled librarians who will provide research assistance for any assignment or project.

Additional Information

The links below will take you to the University of Glasgow's website for additional information:

University of Glasgow Contact

Morna Roberts, International and Employability Administrator

+44 (0)141 330 6486

5-8 The Square, University of Glasgow, Glasgow G12 8QQ