Buffalo Human Rights Center

Meet Our Past Human Rights Fellows


Elene Steigman '10 (left) with Ysabel Marin, PROMSEX Lawyer (right) celebrating the filing of L.C. v. Peru before the U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women.

From Buffalo to Thailand, New York City to China, students worked in areas they are passionate about, bringing their nascent legal skills to the challenge of promoting basic human rights.

2017 Fellows

Chelsea Gonzales '19 - ACLU of Puerto Rico, The Women’s Rights Project – San Juan, Puerto Rico

Shazia Khan '18 - Amnesty International USA – New York, NY

Natalia Marte '19 - ACLU of Puerto Rico, Ending Mass Incarceration Project – San Juan, Puerto Rico

Leighann Ramirez '19 - Ayuda – Washington, DC

Bethany Taylor '19 - Legal Services of Central New York, Cancer Legal Advocacy & Services Project

2016 Fellows

Jessica Gill '18 West Coast Prisoners Legal Services, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Sebastian Sekhon '18 West Coast Prisoners Legal Services, Vancouver BC, Canada

Adriana Zullich '18- Journeys End, Buffalo NY

Jayne O’Conner '17 - Prisoners Legal Services NY, Buffalo NY

2013 Fellows

2012 Fellows

2011 Fellows

2010 Fellows