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Issue Archives

2015-2016, Volume 23, Numbers1/2


Defenders of Wildlife v. Jewell: Environmentalists Win the Latest Battle in the Fight over Gray Wolves, but Who Will Win the War?, Rachel Kenigsberg

Fixing Fuller: Securing Just Compensation for Private Beneficiaries of Federal Grazing Lands, Matthew C. Piccolo  

Beware of the Genetically Modified Crop: Applying Animal Liability Theory in Crop Contamination Litigation, Michael H. Carpenter, Jr.

2014-2015, Volume 22, Numbers1/2


It's Not Just the Effort That Counts: Conservation Endangerment for At-Risk Species, Robert T. Caccese

Evaluating Hydraulic Fracturing Regulation under a Theory of Strict Liability, Michael R. Lieberman

2013-2014, Volume 21, Numbers1/2


Turning Lemons into Lemonade: Utilizing the NAAQS Provisions of the Clean Air Act to Comprehensively Address Climate Change, Ari R. Lieberman

Regulation of Greenhouse Gases and Other Air Pollutants in the First Obama Administration and Major Air Issues for the Second Term, Patricia Ross McCubbin

2012-2013, Volume 20, Numbers1/2


A New and Improved Energy Reality - It's No Pipedream: Streamlining Permitting Procedures for Certain Classes of Natural Resource Projects: The Canada-United States Keystone XL Pipeline, Daniel Hare

Animal Farm Reality: The First Amendment Struggle to Reveal the Frightening Truth behind Industrial Farm Animal Production, Melanie M. Ghaw

Environments, Externalities and Ethics: Compulsory Multinational and Transnational Corporate Bonding to Promote Accountability for Externalization of Environmental Harm, Matthew A. Susson

The Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program: A Panacea for Forest Service Gridlock or a New Name for Old Saws, Brett. M Paben

2011-2012, Volume 19, Number 2


Environmental Judicial Interpretation and Agency Review: An Empirical Investigation of Judicial Decision-Making in the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act, John A. Sautter & Levente Littvay

Multiple Facets of Damage Caused by Exposure to Low-Dose Radiation and the Legal Remedy, Yi-Chen Su & Peter W.S. Chang


The Erosion of Federal Common Law: Anticipatory Delegation in American Electric Power Company v. Connecticut, Paul Winters

2011-2012, Volume 19, Number 1


Regulations of Hydraulic Fracturing under the Safe Drinking Water Act, Keith B. Hall

Scratching the Surface: Does New York's Public Trust Law Prevent Subsurface Access to Natural Gas below Parkland in the Marcellus Shale, Susan J. Kraham, Lisa K. Perfetto

The Interpretation of Surface Easements in Severance Deeds as a Limit on Hydraulic Fracturing Practices, Rachel Heron, Justin S. DuClos, & Shaun A. Goho


Developing the Marcellus Shale: Legal, Regulatory, and Infrastructure Challenges and Their Effect on Downstream Energy Markets, Aaron Stemplewicz

Between Huntley and Salem: The Current State of Municipal Authority in Pennsylvania to Affect Gas Drilling through Zoning, Dan Raichel

Reconsidering the Use of Forced Pooling for Shale Gas Development, Lindsey Trachtenberg

The Rise of Hydraulic Fracturing: A Behavioral Analysis of Landowner Decision-Making, Jared B. Fish

2010-2011, Volume 18, Number 2


Food Sovereignty is a Gendered Issue, Maggie Ellinger-Locke

A Warning Signal That Justifies Precautionary Chemical Regulation: Exploitation of the Availability Heuristic by Economically Motivated Actors, Nathan Ostrander

Conservation Easements and the Doctrine of Changed Conditions: A Comparative Analysis of the New York and Arkansas Statutes, Daniel P. Harvey

B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Bag): A Comprehensive Assessment of China's Plastic Bag Policy, Mary O’Loughlin 

2010-2011, Volume 18, Number 1


The Copenhagen Accord and the Silent Incorporation of the Polluter Pays Principle in International Climate Law: An Analysis of Sino-American Diplomacy at Copenhagen and Beyond, Lin Feng, Jason Buhi

The Missouri River: Law, Politics and Creatures Caught in the Conflicts, Brook A. Spear

Leviathon Menacing the Gulf Coast: Catastrophic Consequences May Imperil the Rule of Law, Beau James Brock

2009-2010, Volume 17, Number 1/2


"Sighting" Wind Energy Facilities in Vermont: Finding the Right Balance Between Societal Benefits and Aesthetic Burden, Adam Sherwin

The Plenary Power of States to Protect Citizens from Environmental Hazards: Who's Failing?, Tonya R. Lewis

Responsibility for Environmental Damage under International Law: Can MNCs Bear the Burden? . . . and how?, Miriam Mafessanti

2008-2009, Volume 16, Number 1/2


Raising A Stink: Why Michigan CAFO Regulations Fail to Protect the State's Air and Great Lakes and are in Need of Revision, Karly Zande

The Politics of Trash, Daniel Shean

Building Livable Places: The Importance of Landscape in Urban Land Use, Planning, and Development,Adrienne Lyles-Chockley

Book Reviews

Finding Solutions for Environmental Conflicts: Power and Negotiation, Francis Kabat

2007-2008, Volume 15, Number 1/2


The Hidden Costs of State Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS), Benjamin K. Sovacool, Christopher Cooper

MEAs with Trade Measures and the WTO: Aiming Toward Sustainable Development?, Miguel A. Elizalde Carranza

Ecosystem Co-Management Agreements: A Study of Nation Building or a Lesson on Erosion of Tribal Sovereignty? Marren Sanders

Book Reviews

The Great Lakes: The Natural History of a Changing Region, Elsa J. Schmidt, Esq.

Spring 2007, Volume 14, Number 2


Managing Resources with Interstate Compacts: A Perspective from the Great Lakes, Jessica A. Bielecki

Rebirth of CERCLA § 107 Contribution Actions: New Life for PRPs That Conduct Voluntary Cleanups after Availl, H. French Brown

Science, Policy, and Politics: The Impact of the Information Quality Act on Risk-Based Regulatory Activity at the EPA, Kirk T. O'Reilly

Book Reviews

Rescuing Science from Politics: Regulation and the Distortion of Scientific Research, Mathew B. Powers

Fall 2006, Volume 14, Number 1


State Authority in Siting of Liquefied Natural Gas Import Terminals, Christopher M. Crane

Examining the 2005 U.S. Forest Service Planning Rule: How to Improve a Document Which Does Nothing but Means Everything, Michael Laurence Nisengard

Animal Salvage: Cost-Effective Methods for the Preservation of Marine Life, Jason Parent

Spring 2006, Volume 13, Number 2


High Above the Environmental Decimation and Economic Domination of Eastern Kentucky, King Coal Remains Firmly Seated on Its Gilded Throne, Bryan C. Banks

Giving a Voice to Those Who Can't Speak for Themselves: Toward Greater Regulation of Animal Experimentation, Lauren Magnotti

Fall 2005, Volume 13, Number 1


Are Property Owners Constitutionally Entitled to Compensation for Environmental Remediation Funds?,Andrew Hysell

Neither Innocent nor Proven Guilty: The Availl Services v. Cooper Industries Dilemma, Jeannette Paull

Not in Anybody's Backyard? The Non-Distributive Problem with Environmental Injustice, Joshua Glasgow

Spring 2005, Volume 12, Number 2


The Law of Peoples or a Law for People: Consumers, Boycotts, and Non-Human Animals, Gary Chartier

Giving Content to Our Environmental Moral Obligations to Future Generations: Why Kyoto Is a Fallacy, Mirko Bagaric

Fall 2004, Volume 12, Number 1


The Uniform Registered State Land and Adverse Possession Reform Act, A Proposal For Reform of the United States Real Property Law, Todd Barnet

Attacking Military Environmental Cleanup on Foreign Soil: Should CERCLA Principles Apply?, Randon H. Draper

The International Jurisprudence and Politics of Hazardous Substances: Managing a Global Dilemma, Joseph F. St. Cyr

Spring 2004, Volume 11, Number 2


Beyond Zoning: Dynamic Land Use Planning in the Age of Sprawl, Andrew Auchincloss Lundgren

A Preliminary Discussion of Natural Gas Pipelines Under the Great Lakes, Mary Beth Brandoni

The Feasibility of Using Zoning to Reduce Conflicts in the Exclusive Economic Zone, Kelly McGrath

Fall 2003, Volume 11, Number 1


"Jesus took the five loaves and two fish and looked up into the sky and gave thanks: then he broke off pieces for his disciples to set before the crowd. And everyone ate and ate.", Aaron D. Skinner

Regulating Utilities, Joseph Zopolsky

Ecological Effects Know No Boundaries: Little Remedy for Native American Tribes Pursuing Transboundary Pollution Under International Law, Peter D. Lepsch

Book Reviews

Environmental Dispute Resolution: An Anthology of Practical Solutions, David C. Batson, Dustin P. Ordway

Fall 2002 - Spring 2003, Volume 10, Number 1/2

"Learning Sustainability": Symposium Articles

Reflexive Law as a Legal Paradigm for Sustainable Development, Sanford E. Gaines

Sustainable Development and Air Quality: The Need to Replace Basic Technologies With Cleaner Alternatives, David M. Driesen

Toward a National Sustainable Development Strategy: A Eulogy for the President's Council on Sustainable Development, John C. Dernbach

Environmental Management Systems and Public Authority in Canada: Rethinking Environmental Governance, Stepan Wood

The New Environmental Law: Forest Certification, Errol E. Meidinger

Visions of History in the Hope for Sustainable Development, David A. Westbrook

Spring 2002, Volume 9, Number 2


American Indian Perspectives on the Endangered Species Act, Steven K. Albert

The Antiquities Act of 1906 and Presidential Proclamations: A Retrospective and Prospective Analysis of President William J. Clinton's Quest to "Win the West", Heidi M. Biasi

ANWR: The Legislative Quagmire Surrounding Stakeholder Control and Protection, and the Practical Consequences of Allowing Exploration, Kristofer Pasquale

Book Reviews

A Book Review Comparison of the Endangered Species Act and the Endangered Species Act: History, Conservation, Biology, and Public Policy, Robert W. Malmsheimer

Industry Self-Regulation and Voluntary Environmental Compliance: A Book Review, Randall C. Young

Fall 2001, Volume 9, Number 1


Revising State Recreational Use Statutes to Assist Private Property Owners and Providers of Outdoor Recreational Activities, Terence Centner

The Role of Causation in Science as Law and Proposed Changes in the Current Common Law Toxic Tort System, Cliff Fisher

Book Reviews

Using Trusts to Conserve Resources: A Book Review of Conservation Trusts, Robert Malmsheimer

Spring 2001, Volume 8, Number 2

Articles/ Presentations

The 20th Anniversary of Love Canal: Lessons Learned

History of Love Canal and SUNY at Buffalo's Response, Ted Steegman, Adeline Levine

Science and Health Risks Research Since Love Canal, John Vena, James Olson

Reflections on Love Canal, David Hahn-Baker

Public Policy and Law Since Love Canal, John Cannon, Robert Berger

Environmental Social Movements Since Love Canal, Allan Schnaiberg, Diane Heminway, Samara Swantson

Industrial Policy Since Love Canal, Alice Kryzan, Val Washington

Book Reviews

A Hazardous Inquiry: The Rashomon Effect at Love Canal, Michael R. Edelstein

Regulating Chemical Accumulation in the Environment: The Integration of Toxicology and Economics in Environmental Policy-making, Michael Gilbertson

Fall 2000, Volume 8, Number 1


New Source Review Under the Clean Air Act: Time For More Market-Based Incentives?, Todd B. Adams

The Lead-Based Paint Real Estate Notification and Disclosure Rule, Claude E. Walker


Non-Profit Organizations in Brownfields Redevelopment: Leveling the Playing Brownfield, Ellen B. Sturm

Book Reviews

The National Environmental Policy Act: An Agenda for the Future, Margaret A. Shannon

An Invitation to Environmental Sociology, George Dillmann

Fall 1999 - Spring 2000, Volume 7, Number 1/2

Articles/ Presentations

Human Rights, Environment & Community: A Workshop

Environmentalism, Human Rights and Indigenous Peoples: A Tale of Converging and Diverging Interests, S. James Anaya

Linking Human Rights, Rights of Indigenous People and the Environment, Dr. Sevine Ercmann, LLM

Protecting the Cultural and Natural Heritage: Finding Common Ground, Lakshman Guruswamy, Jason C. Roberts, Catina Drywater

Concepts of Community in Environmental Disputes: Farmersville and Western New York's Garbage Wars,Gary Abraham

Presentation By Joseph Hill

"Private" Environmental Regulation, Human Rights, and Community, Errol E. Meidinger

Presentation By Neil A.F. Popovic

Human Rights, Environment and the Ogoni: Strategies for Non-Governmental Organizations, Claude Welch

Book Reviews

Sustainable America: America's Environment, Economy, and Society in the 21st Century, David Hahn-Baker

Spring 1999, Volume 6, Number 2


Does a Genetically Modified Rose Still Smell as Sweet? -- Labeling of Genetically Modified Organisms Under the Biosafety Protocol, Lisa A. Tracy

Public Participation, Federalism and Environmental Law, Andrew J. Green

Selling Great Lakes Water to a Thirst World: Legal, Policy & Trade Considerations, Brian D. Anderson

With Best Friends Like Us Who Needs Enemies? The Phenomenon of the Puppy Mill, the Failure of Legal Regimes to Manage It, and the Positive Prospects of Animal Rights, Adam J. Fumarola

Book Reviews

Privileged Goods: Commoditization and Its Impacts on Environment and Society, George Francis

Fall 1998, Volume 6, Number 1


Wireless Communication Facilities: Siting for Sore Eyes, Laurie Dichiara

The Role of International Equity in a Sustainable Future: The Continuing Problem of Third World Debt and Development, Todd Johnston

Using Public Nuisance Law to Protect Wildlife, iobhan O'Keeffe

Book Reviews

The Promise and Peril of Environmental Justice, Gary A. Abraham

Spring 1998, Volume 5, Number 2


Can Trade Promote and Ecologically Secure World? The Global Economy from an Ecological Footprint Perspective, Mathis Wackernagle, Ph.D.

Stomping on the Earth: Trade, Trade Law, and Canada's Ecological Footprints, Michelle Swenarchuk

International Trade and Environmental Law: Brothers in the Expansion of International Law or Cain Versus Abel?, D. Christopher Decker

Statutory Privileges and Immunities for Voluntarily Performed Environmental Audits: Should New York State Join the Race?, Joan M. Fildes

Religious Freedom and Zoning, Helen M. Maher

The Increasing Conflicts of Deer and Human Populations in Suburban Areas

Book Reviews

Western Public Lands and Environmental Politics, Marla E. Mansfield

An Anthology Comparison, Robert F. Blomquist

Fall 1997, Volume 5, Number 1


Renewable Energy Technologies and Policies: Status and Prospects, Christopher Flavin, Seth Dunn

An Examination of, and Suggested Revisions to, CERCLA's Provisions Waiving the Federal Government's Sovereign Immunity from Actions Based on State Law, Thomas Kearns

Review of Actions under President Clinton's Executive Order on Environmental Justice Gary A. Abraham

Recycling: Anything but Garbage, Heather Behnke, Kathleen M. Bennett, Amy L. DuVall

Book Reviews

Environmental Law Regulation in New York, G. Robert Witmer Jr.

The Stork and the Plow: the Equity Answer to the Human Dilemma, Sally Lerner

Spring 1997, Volume 4, Number 2


Inter/Intra-Generational Equity: Current Applications under International Law for Promoting the Sustainable Development of Natural Resources, G.F. Maggio

Cleanup Process and Standards of CERCLA and RCRA: Shortcoming and Recommendations, Amy L. DuVall

Laboratory of Ideas: One State's Successful Attempt to Constitutionally Ensure a Healthier Environment, Fernando M. Pinguelo

Fall 1996, Volume 4, Number 1


The Ethical Implications, Political Ramifications and Practical Limitations of Adopting Sustainable Development As National and International Policy, Gary D. Myers, Simone C. Muller

Livestock Production: The Unsustainable Environmental and Economic Effects of an Industry Out of Control, Robert H. Smith

Lender Liability Under CERCLA: Options for Lenders Faced with Potential Liability, John Charles Bell

Fall 1995, Volume 3, Number 2


Risk Assessment and Environmental Justice: A Critique of the Current Legal Framework and Suggestions for the Future, Kathy Bunting

Indoor Radon: Regulating a Blameless Cause, Karen Hoyden Curtin

Insufficient Accountability: Case Study of the Recycling Plan of a Public Interest Research Group, David E. Seidemann

Spring 1995, Volume 3, Number 1


The Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act: A Tool for Toxic Release Reduction in the 90s, Eric M. Falkenberry

The Pine Barrens: A New Model of Land Use Control for New York, Michael R. Jung

Recycling Industrial Sites in Erie County: Meeting the Challenge of Brownfield Redevelopment, Robert Berger, Patricia C. Campbell, James A. Crolle III, Sallie Randolph, Julia A. Solo, Hugh Stephens, Wendy A. Marsh

Fall 1994, Volume 2, Number 2


Defining Wetlands for Regulatory Purposes: A Case Study in the Role of Science in Policymaking, Emily Hartshorne Goodman, J.D.

Regional Polities and Their Place in Building an Environmental Order, Edward Moy

Financing Publicly Owned Treatment Works and Instituting Enforcement Measures Against Non-Compliant Works Under the Clean Water Act, Valentina O. Okaru

Spring 1994, Volume 2, Number 1


Stratospheric Ozone Depletion and the Montreal Protocol: A Critical Analysis, Ben C. Lieberman

Statutory and Regulatory Strategies for Source Separation of Batteries, Karen D. Kendrick-Hands, J.D.

Capacity Assurance Requirement: A Means for Resolving the Interstate Hazardous Waste Controversy, Eileen Kennedy

Product Bans and the Toxic Substances Control Act, Donna M. Sublia

Fall 1993, Volume 1, Number 2


Development, Growth and Sustainability, Margaret Troyak, Tom Muir


Environmental Dredging in the Great Lakes Basin

Introductory Remarks, Henry Nowak

Of Mud, Myths, and Money: A Citizen's Perspective on Contaminated Sediments, Barry B. Boyer

Seven Steps to Successful Habitat Mitigation, John W. Cooper

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Perspective on Environmental Dredging, Michael R. Palermo, Robert M. Engler, Norman R. Fancingues

The "Big Picture": A Perspective on Environmental Dredging from the International Joint Commission, Gordon K. Durnil

Restoration Ecology: Longterm Evaluation as an Essential Feature of Rehabilitation, John E. Gannon

Developing Water Management in the Great Lakes Region

Introductory Remarks, Michael Donahue

Great Lakes Law: The Role of the Legal Institute of the Great Lakes at the University of Toledo College of Law,Thomas D. Crandall

Groundwater Law in the Great Lakes States: A Lawyers Catalog for the Benefit of Water Planners, Robert H. Abrams

Managing Great Lakes Water Diversions: A Diversion Manager's Viewpoint, Daniel A. Injerd

Lake Michigan Water Diversion: A Case Study, Daniel A. Injerd

Industry Notes

Alternative Strategies to Reduce Effects of Persistent Toxic Chemicals in the Natural Environment: A Great Lakes Regional Perspective, Grace Wever

Spring 1993, Volume 1, Number 1


Advocacy and Diplomacy in the Great Lakes: A Case History of Non-Governmental Organization Participation in Negotiating the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, Jack Manno


Building Legal and Institutional Frameworks for Sustainability, Barry Boyer


Maybe In My Backyard: Strategies for Local Regulation of Private Solid Waste Facilities in New York, Daniel A. Spitzer

Hard Habits to Break: Information and Mutual Mistrust in the Regulation of Corporate Polluters, David A. Niles