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Volume 20, 2014

Forward - Lizeth Castillo

  • The Chaplaincy Exception in International Humanitarian law: "American-Born Cleric" Anwar Al-Awlaki and the Global War on Terror - K. Benson
  • What Do Human Rights Lawyers Do? Examining Practice and Expertise in the Field - Elizabeth Bruch
  • Human Rights Conventions and Reservations: An Examination of Critical Deficit in the CEDAW - Michael L. Buenger
  • Dressing and Addressing the Judiciary: Reflecting on the History and Politics Judicial Attire and Address - Dr. Willy Mutunga

Volume 19, mid-2013

  • Implementing Truth and Reconciliation in South Korea: An Introduction - Tara J. Melish
  • A Survivor's Testimony: Closing Remarks to the Conference on "Implementing Truth and Reconciliation: Comparative Lessons for Korea" - Dr. Theresa Chun
  • Korea's Truth and Reconciliation Commission: An Overview and Assessment - Kim Dong-Choon
  • Trial and Error in Transitional Justice: Learning from South Korea's Truth Commissions - Hun Joon Kim
  • Fairness in Transitional Justice Initiatives: The Case ofSouth Korea - i
  • Lessons from the Cambodian Experience with Truth and Reconciliation - John D. Ciorciari and Jaya Ramji-Nogales
  • Negotiating Reparation Rights: The Participatory and Symbolic Quotients - Lisa J. Laplante
  • Symbolic Reparations and Reconciliation: Lessons from South Africa - Ereshnee Naidu
  • Lessons from Comparative Experience: Implementing South Korea's TRC Recommendations - Tara J. Melish

Volume 18, early-2013

  • Stoney Road Out of Eden: The Struggle to Recover Insurance for Armenian Genocide Deaths and Its Implications for the Future of State Authority, Contract Rights and Human Rights - Jeffrey W. Stempel, Sarig Armenian & David McClure
  • Keeping the Promise: Improving Access to Socioeconomic Rights in Africa - Nsongurua J. Udombana
  • Sana Crítica: The System for Weighing Evidence Utilized by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights - Álvaro Paúl
  • Jurisdiction over American Private Military Contractors: The Illusion of a Loophole in the Law and the Reality of No Oversight - Ryan Larose

Volume 17 (2011)

Foreword - Melissa C. George

  • The 2010-2011 Mitchell Lecture: The Origins of African American Interests in International Law - Henry J. Richardson III
  • Human Trafficking for Begging - Iveta Cherneva
  • "Catch-22": The Role of Development Institutions in Promoting Gender Equality in Land Law - Lessons Learned in Post-Conflict Pluralist Africa - Amrita Kapur
  • Global Laws, Local Lives: Impact of the New Regionalism on Human Rights Compliance - Stephen Joseph Powell and Patricia Camino Pérez
  • Samantar v. Yousuf: Recent Developments in the Laws Governing Civil Torture Claims in U.S. Courts - Solomon B. Shinerock


  • Tiffany M. Lebrón, "Death to Gays!" Uganda's 'One Step Forward, One Step Back' Approach to Human Rights

Book Reviews

  • Adam Hayes reviews The Conduct of Hostilities Under the Law of International Armed Conflict by Yoram Dinstein
  • Marc. A. Schulz reviews Human Rights and Climate Change by Stephen Humphreys

Volume 16 (2010)

  • Of Shrines, Memorials and Museums: Using the International Criminal Court's Victim Reparation and Assistance Regime to Promote Transitional Justice - Frédéric Mégret
  • 'In Land We Trust': The Endorois' Communication and the Quest for Indigenous Peoples' Rights in Africa - Korir Sing' Oei A. & Jared Shepherd
  • What Should Organized Human Rights Activism in Africa Become? Contributory Insights from a Comparison of NGOs and Labor-Led Movements in Nigeria - Obiora Chinedu Okafor
  • Returning Home: The Challenge of Repatriating Foreign Born Child Victims of Forced Labor from India - Kathleen Kerr
  • The Analogy Between Piracy and Human Trafficking: A Theoretical Framework for the Application of Universal Jurisdiction - Miriam Cohen
  • Just War in International Law: An Argument for a Deontological Approach to Humanitarian Law - Ryan Dreveskracht
  • Reevaluating Self-Determination in a Post-Colonial World - Joshua Dilk

Volume 15 (2009)

Foreword - Michael Hecker and Stefanie Svoren

  • Overcoming Collective Action Failure in the Security Council: Would Direct Regional Representation Better Protect Universal Human Rights? - Noah Bialostozky
  • Hanging in a Balance: Freedom of Expression and Religion - Puja Kapai and Anne S Y Cheung
  • International Standards for the Promotion and Protection of Children's Rights: American and South African Dimensions - Johan D. Van der Vyver
  • From Ankara to Strasbourg: Developing a Comprehensive Supranational Litigation Strategy for Patriarchal Preservation in Turkey - Joshua B. Gessling
  • Rights and Duties of Minorities in a Context of Post-Colonial Self-Determination: Basques and Catalans in Contemporary Spain - Jorge Martínez-Paoletti
  • Power and Cooperation: Understanding the Road Towards a Truth Commission - Ming Zhu
  • Sexual Identity as a Fundamental Human Right - Anthony R. Reeves

Volume 14, 2008

Foreword - Adam O'Brian

The 2007-2008 Mitchell Lecture:

  • The Rule of Law and the Politics of Fear: Human Rights in the Twenty-first Century - Irene Zubaida Khan


  • Towards the Criminalization of Dictatorship: A Draft Proposal for an International Convention on Dictatorship - Patrick J. Glen
  • Judicial Patronage of 'Honor Killings' in Pakistan: the Supreme Court's Persistent Adherence to the Doctrine of Grave and Sudden Provocation - Moeen H. Cheema
  • Red Thread or Slender Reed: Deconstructing Prof. Bartholet's Mythology of International Adoption - Trish Maskew & Johanna Oreskovic
  • Tracing the Contours of Transnational Corporations' Human Rights Obligations in the Twenty-First Century - Iris Halpern
  • Migrant Children, Compulsory Education, & the Rule of Law in China - Brian Holland

Book Reviews

  • Poverty and Fundamental Rights: The Justification and Enforcement of Socio-Economic Rights by David Bilchitz - Gregory Stein
  • Human Rights A Very Short Introduction by Andrew Clapham - Elsa Hernández

Volume 13, 2007

Forward - Patricia Sandison

Introduction - Azra Zaidi


  • Lipstick on a Caterpillar? Assessing the New U.N. Human Rights Council Through Historical Reflection - Balakrishnan Rajagopal


  • Beyond Juba: Does Uganda Need a National Truth and Reconciliation Process? - Makau Mutua
  • The Commodification of Women's Work: Theorizing the Advancement of African Women - Tiffany M. McKinney Gardner
  • Moral Relativism and Human Rights - Torben Spaak
  • State Responsibility for Extraterritorial Human Rights Violations - Damira Kamchibekova
  • International Adoption: Thoughts on the Human Rights Issues - Elizabeth Bartholet
  • How Japan 's Recent Efforts to Reduce Sex Trafficking can be Improved Through International Human Rights Enforcement Mechanisms: Fulfilling Japan's Global Legal Obligations - Kerry E. Yun

Student Note

  • Saddam Hussein and the IST on Trial: The Case for the ICC - Heidi M. Spalholz

Book Reviews

  • The Kurds in Turkey : EU Accession and Human Rights by Kerim Yildiz - Khurram Khan
  • Race Against Time by Stephen Lewis - Sarah Feor

Volume 12, 2006

Forward - Allison T.C. Milne


  • Integrating a Human Rights Perspective into the European Approach to Combating the Trafficking of Women for Sexual Exploitation - Alexandra Amiel
  • Beyond the Promises: Resuscitating the State Reporting Procedure under the African Charter on Human and People's Rights - Takele Soboka Bulto
  • Human Rights Realization in an Era of Globalization: The Indian Experience - Surya Deva
  • Human Rights Begin at Home: A Policy Analysis of Litigating International Human Rights in U.S. State Courts - Anna Maria Gabrielidis


  • Limiting the Application of Jus Soli: The Resulting Status of Undocumented Children in the United States - Brooke Kirkland
  • Assessing the Collateral International Consequences of the U.S.' Removal Policy - Tara Pinkham

Volume 11, 2005

Foreword - Susan M. Cimini & Anne E. Joynt


  • Responsibility, Injustice and the American Dilemma - Mohammad- Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou
  • Human Rights Violations Arising From Conduct of Non-State Actors - Jan Arno Hessbruegge
  • Internationalizing Post-Conflict Justice: The "Hybrid" Special Court for Sierra Leone - Lisa Danish


  • Prosecuting Cases of Gender Violence in the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda - Allison T.C. Milne

Book Reviews

  • Patrick Thornberry & María Amor Martín Estébanez, Minority Rights in Europe - D. Christopher Decker
  • Sanford Levinson, Torture: A Collection - Bryn D. Powell

Volume 10, 2004

Foreword - Susan M. Cimini & Anne E. Joynt


  • The Truth Between Reparation and Reconciliation: The Pretoria-Nairobi Axis - Ali A. Mazrui
  • Republic of Kenya Report of the Task Force on the Establishment of a Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission - Makau Mutua
  • Translating International and Regional Trafficking Norms into Domestic Reality: A Hong Kong Case Study - Robyn Emerton
  • Who Will Watch the Watchdogs? Human Rights Non-governmental Organizations and the Case for Regulation - Robert Charles Blitt


  • The Patriot Act and Bush's Military Tribunals: Effective Enforcement or Attacks on Civil Liberties? - John Lichtenthal
  • The Semantics of the Guantanamo Bay Inmates: Enemy Combatants or Prisoners of the War on Terror? - Anne E. Joynt

Book Reviews

  • Anne Orford, Reading Humanitarian Intervention: Human Rights and the Use of Force in International Law - Lisa Danish
  • Katerina DaLacoura, Engagement or Coercion? Weighing Western Human Rights Policies Towards Turkey , Iran and Egypt - Susan M. Cimini

Volume 9, 2003

  • Convention Refugeehood, Early Warning Signs, and the Structural Crisis of Legitimate Statehood in Contemporary Nigeria - Obiora Chinedu Okafor
  • Human Rights and Post-Imperialism: Arguing for a Deliberative Legitimation Of Human Rights - Amy Bartholomew
  • Transplant Justice?: The Efficacy of a Purely Common Law Concept in the International Criminal Forum - Theresa Marie Clark
  • Violation of Human Rights Through State Tolerance of Street-Level Bribery: Case Study , Slovakia - Jarmila Lajcakova
  • The Death Penalty, Extradition, and the War Against Terrorism: U.S. Responses to European Opinion About Capital Punishment - Kathryn F. King

Volume 8, 2002

Foreword - Mary B. Bowman & Mark P. Popiel


  • Terrorism and Human Rights: Power, Culture, and Subordination - Makau Mutua
  • The Role of Compulsion in Islamic Conversion: Jihad, Dhimma and Ridda - Donna E. Arzt
  • Genocide: The Trial of Adolf Eichmann and the Quest for Global Justice - Matthew Lippman
  • Rights Integration in an Institutional Context: The Experience of the Kenya Human Rights Commission - Willy Mutunga & Alamin Mazrui

Book Review

  • Important Lessons From History Reviewing Contempt of Court: The Turn-of-the-Century Lynching That Launched a Hundred Years of Federalism - i


  • Symbolic Rites: Examining the Adequacy of Federal Legislation Addressing the Problem of Female Excision in the United States - Christopher T. Paresi
  • Erins on the Erie : A Historical Labor Study - Ryan Patrick Hanna

Volume 7, 2001

Foreword - Erin E. Bahn


  • Assimilation, Pluralism and Multiculturalism: The Policy of Racial/Ethnic Identity in America - Anita Christina Butera
  • Human Rights Treaties: A Suggested Typology, An Historical Perspective - John King Gamble, Teresa A. Bailey, Jared S. Hawk, Erin E. McCurdy
  • Expanding International and National Protections Against Trafficking for Forced Labor Using a Human Rights Framework - Shelley Case Inglis


  • To Labor in the Dancing World: Human Rights at Work - Erin E. Bahn
  • Examining Global Access to Essential Pharmaceuticals in the Face of Patient Protection Rights: The South African Example - Bess-Carolina Dolmo
  • Russian Jewry: The History of Survival - Polina Tomashevsky
  • World Bank Study - Jennifer N. Weidner

Volume 6, 2000

Foreword - Margot Schoenborn & Michelle McKee


  • Re-Conceiving " Third World " Legitimate Governance Struggles in Our Time:Emergent Imperatives for Rights Activism - Obiora Chinedu Okafora
  • Human Rights and Sustainable Development in Contemporary Africa : A New Dawn, or Retreating Horizons? - J. Oloka-Onyango
  • From Nuremberg to the Rwanda Tribunal: Justice or Retribution? - Makau Mutua


  • The African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights: Eleven Years After - Udeme Essien


  • Trading Indigenous Rights: The NAFTA Side Agreements as an Impetus for Human Rights Enforcement - David P. Kelly
  • Tinkering With the Machinery of Death: Understanding Why the United States' Use of the Death Penalty Violates Customary International Law - Michelle McKee
  • The Access to Justice Bill and Human Rights Act of 1998: Britain 's Legislative Overhaul Leaves the System Scrambling to Mend the Safety Net - Margot Penfold Schoenborn

Volume 5, 1999

Foreword - Ryan E. Harden & Stacy R. Sandusky


  • The Principle of Non-Refoulement - David Weissbrodt & Isabel Hörtreiter
  • Limitations on Religious Rights: Problematizing Religious Freedom in the African Context - Makau Mutua
  • Good Governance as a Counter Insurgency Agenda to Oppositional and Transformative Social Projects in International Law - James Thuo Gathii
  • Impoverished Liberalism: Does the New York Workfare Program Violate Human Rights? - Anthony Bertelli


  • Cultural Relativism and Cultural Imperialism in Human Rights Law - Guyora Binder


  • The War Over Children's Rights: And Justice for All? Equalizing the Rights of Children - Rochelle D. Jackson
  • Women's Political Participation in Developing and Democratizing Countries:Focus on Zimbabwe - Stacy R. Sandusky

Review Article

  • Capitalism and Human Rights - Rhonda E. Howard

Book Reviews

  • Religious Human Rights in Global Perspective - Isabelle Marcus
  • Out of America : A Black Man Confronts Africa - Kim Robinson

Volume 4, 1998


  • Coming to Grips with Tomorrow's Human Rights Agenda - Philip Alston


  • Truth and Reconciliation in South Africa : Accounting for the Past - Honorable Abdullah Omar
  • Ubuntu and the Law in South Africa - Justice Yvonne Mokgoro
  • Social Rights and Economic Development: Converging Discourses? - Henry J. Steiner
  • Universality and Relativity of Human Rights: American Relativism - Johan D. van der Vyver
  • Beyond Justiciability: Challenges of Implementing/Enforcing Socio-Economic Rights in South Africa - Shadrack B. O. Gutto
  • The African Charter and Freedom of Expression in Africa - Claude E. Welch, Jr
  • Essay: Cleaning Our Own House: "Exotic" and Familial Human Rights Violations - Hope Lewis & Isabelle R. Gunning
  • Patriarchy and Discrimination in Apartheid South Africa's Abortion Laws - Jeremy Sarkin
  • Female Circumcision in the Modern Age: Should Female Circumcision Now Be Considered Grounds for Asylum in the United States- Gregory A. Kelson
  • Looking Past the Human Rights Committee: An Argument for De-Marginalizing Enforcement - Makau Mutua


  • Refugee Rights: The New Frontier of Human Rights Protection - Bill Frelick


  • The Effect of Free Trade, Privatization and Democracy on the Human Rights Conditions for Minorities in Eastern Europe: A Case Study of the Gypsies in the Czech Republic and Hungary - Marc W. Brown
  • A Broken Promise: The Continued Use of Virginity Control Examinations in Turkey - D. Christopher Decker
  • Feeding the Watchdogs: Philanthropic Support for Human Rights NGOs - Jay S. Ovsiovitch

Book Reviews

  • Human Rights Education for the Twenty-First Century - David P. Forsythe
  • What is Critical Race Feminism? - Leila Hilal

Volume 3: 1996 & 1997

A. Summer 1996, Vol. 3, No. 1


  • Observing and Enforcing Human Rights Under the Council of Europe : The Creation of a Permanent European Court of Human Rights - Jonathan L. Black-Branch
  • GATS and Financial Services: Redefining Borders - Jeffrey Simser
  • The U.N. Commission on Human Rights and Cambodia : 1975-1980 - Jamie Frederic Metzl
  • The Reasonable Suspicion Test of Northern Ireland's Emergency Legislation: A Violation of the European Convention of Human Rights - Elizabeth Kondonijakos
  • Forum Non Conveniens in the United States and Canada - Donald J. Carney
  • Foreign Investment Issues for International Non-Governmental Organizations: International Health Projects in China and the Former Soviet Union - Timothy C. Evered
  • The Destruction of Churches and Mosques in Bosnia-Herzegovina: Seeking a Rights-Based Approach to the Protection of Religious Cultural Property - Gregory M. Mose


  • Re-Positioning Human Rights Discourses on Asian Perspectives - Sharon K. Hom


B. Winter 1996-1997, Vol. 3, No. 2


  • International Humanitarian Assistance: The Role of the Red Cross - David P. Forsythe
  • Human Rights Litigation in U.S. Courts: A Hypocritical Approach - Mark Gibney
  • States, Industrial Policies, and Antidumping Enforcement in Japan , South Korea , and Taiwan - John K.M. Ohnesorge
  • A Divorce Waiting to Happen: Franklin Roosevelt and the Law of Neutrality, 1935-1941 - Aaron Xavier Fellmeth


  • A Criticism of the EU Directive Protecting Computer Software - Robert Shaposka
  • Searching for a Coherent National Policy: The Problem of Foreign Money in United States Politics - Celeste M. Murphy

Volume 2, 1995


  • Beyond the Veil? An Analysis of the Provisions of the Women's Convention and the Law as Stipulated in Shari'ah - Urfan Khaliq
  • Power Ethnicized: The Pursuit of Protection and Participation in Rwanda and Burundi - Linda Maguire
  • Equal Value in the European Union: Fiction or Reality? - Taline Aharonian


  • Chemical Prospecting, Biodiversity Conservation and the Importance of International Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in Biological Materials - Mark A. Urbanski

Recent Developments

  • Self Determination in the Case of Chechnya

Volume 1, 1994

Foreword - Virginia A. Leary

Introduction - Barry B. Boyer


  • Introduction to Biological Diversity: Law, Institutions, and Science - Catherine J. Tinker
  • Free Trade and the Environment: Will Free Trade Save China's Environment - Paul J. Smith
  • The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in the Development of Environmental Policy at the Asian Development Bank - Peter J. Illig

Recent Developments

  • Case Study: Ecuador
  • Selected Bibliography of Publications on Biological Diversity
  • Signatories to the Convention on Biological Diversity