Buffalo Public Interest Law Journal

The Buffalo Public Interest Law Journal is a yearly publication dedicated to legal scholarly works which aim to discuss those issues most dear to our liberties and freedoms. Such topics are at the root of the public's greater good and deserve rigorous intellectual debate.

The Buffalo Public Interest Law Journal is non-partisan and welcomes all points of view.

Statement of Purpose

The Buffalo Public Interest Law JournalIn the Public Interest, is a professional journal published by students at the University at  Buffalo School of Law.

The Buffalo Public Interest Law Journal is committed to publishing articles pertaining to public interest law and policy affecting traditionally underrepresented populations. Law and undergraduate libraries throughout the United States subscribe to Buffalo Public Interest Law Journal.

The organizational structure of the journal is designed to provide students with a positive learning experiences beyond cite checking. Every member participates in all aspects of the publication process: article selection, editing, and cite checking. Additionally, members have ample opportunity to participate in leadership activities, through the Editorial Board positions and opportunities to be lead article editors.