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Excellent letters of recommendation stem from good relationships. Good relationships experience growth, change, and shared experiences. For law school, strong academic letters of recommendation are crucial in the application process. 
Applying to law school is an exciting step in your life, but it can also be a long and stressful process. All applicants hope to be admitted to their preferred school, but sometimes the process can take an unexpected turn if you are placed on the waitlist.
The Community Justice Clinic represents low-income residents of Buffalo on issues relating to workers’ rights, consumer justice, immigration, civil rights and government benefits. It is primarily a litigation clinic, although students will also have the opportunity to engage in community education and policy work as well.
Attending law school, to many, is a financial risk. With the changing legal landscape, choosing the right school and minimizing the cost of law school are crucial for aspiring law students.
With the awareness of student debt and changes in the legal job market, prospective law student should do their research on the most effective and affordable ways to pay for law school. Here are 8 ways to minimize costs.