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If you’re hoping to eventually work in the field of business law, participating in an entrepreneurship law clinic can help you gain some of the in-depth knowledge you need to serve your clients effectively. Below are nine business law issues you are likely to explore if you enroll in an entrepreneurship law clinic.
You’ve made good grades, participated in co-curriculars, and are now ready to take the next step by submitting your application to law school. Make the most of the process and help your law school application stand out by avoiding these five common law school application mistakes.
"RBG has always done her best to paint her adversaries' arguments in the best light, right before she argues forcefully for the opposite position. This does not mean that every argument is worthy of respect— rather, it simply means that we must strive for intellectual honesty, even when it is difficult."
Are you finishing up your first year of law school and considering seeking transfer admission to another law program? Perhaps you were unsuccessful in seeking admission to your top choice program as a first-time applicant, or recently found that your current law school is not an ideal match for your long-term goals. Whatever the case, here are 3 questions to ask before transferring to a new law school.
The University at Buffalo provides a truly international academic experience by  welcoming students from over 100 countries. The impact on education and research benefits our student population  by adding to the international opportunities available to students both inside and outside of the classroom.
On April 11, 2019, Rosellen Marohn wrote in the New York Law Journal about her experience providing legal aid to asylum seekers on the U.S.-Mexico border.
Social justice law is practiced by lawyers who have incredible passion for human rights and equality. But what does social justice law look like in practice, and what does it take to become a human rights lawyer?
If you have dreams of practicing law from an early age, then you may want to consider 3+3 BA/JD programs. Such programs offer students the opportunity to begin their legal education after just three years of undergraduate study.
Did you know you can pursue your J.D. degree AND your master’s or doctorate simultaneously?
A group of UB Law students, including Chloe Nowak and Alexander Buszka, got an unexpected introduction to the practical applications of immigration law by assisting in the fight against the deportation of Kinimo Ngoran, an immigrant who made a home for himself in Albany, NY. Sarah Gillman and Gregory Copeland contacted UB School of Law professor Nicole Hallett to help argue Ngoran’s case in Rochester, and she pulled two students in to assist with legal briefs. On February 25, 2L Chloe Nowak stood before a judge for the first time to argue Ngoran’s case.