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The Holistic Law Group

Buffalo Chapter - Est. 2015

Holistic Law Group Logo

A student-run organization that educates students about the holistic approach to the practice of law - a collaborative law movement.

The purpose of the holistic Law Group is to educate and promote the practice of law as a healthy, healing profession that is beneficial and therapeutic for the client and fulfilling and rewarding for the practicing lawyer.  The practice of law as a healing profession is a collaborative law movement that invites future practitioners to break down the polarization of the practice of law as either a complete focus on the client or merely a business of benefitting oneself in a material way. 

Through the development of proper skills, such as attentiveness and awareness, future attorneys will optimize their client satisfaction and their own in all areas of law.  This organization is for anyone who endeavors to learn more about the legal profession as a humanistic modem that truly impacts clients and practitioners.  Through events and speakers, the student body and faculty will learn more about this permeating aspect of the practice of law.