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ExamSoft Information

The University at Buffalo School of Law offers students the ability to take law school exams using personal laptop computers in courses where professors have opted to use the Examsoft/Examplify software.

What is Examplify from ExamSoft?

Examplify is an exam delivery module licensed by ExamSoft Worldwide Inc. The program serves as a simplified word processor that enables students to take an examination on a laptop computer. In an effort to avoid the vulnerabilities of most computer-based testing solutions, Examplify provides instructors the ability to lock down all Windows applications thereby providing exam security.

Computer Requirements

Click here for Computer Requirements

Registration Process

In order to be eligible to take a computer exam, a student must:

Step 1: Register with ExamSoft at our ExamSoft Custom Home Page at:

Step 2: Log in to ExamSoft – Go to the exam taker login and enter your UBIT name and password (which was previously sent to you via e-mail)

Step 3: Download Examplify– If you have not yet downloaded Examplify you will see a choice to download the software.  

Step 4: Launch Examplify from your desktop and sign in

Step 5: Take a Mock Exam – To familiarize yourself with the software prior to exam day, you should take a mock exam.  

Click on the exam you want to take and click on "Download Exam”. After the exam has downloaded, click on Start Exam. After the exam notices you will see a screen that says "Please type the answer to Question 1 below." This area can be hidden by clicking on the blue box at the right side. When typing your answers there will be only one screen to type in. Type all of your answers under "Question 1" for all your exams.

Type a few words in the screen for your Mock exam and familiarize yourself with the software. When you are finished, click on the drop down arrow that says "Exam Controls" and choose "Submit exam". If you see the green CONGRATULATIONS screen your exam has successfully uploaded. Click on Home Menu and log out.  


1. What is my ExamSoft/Examplify user ID and password?

Your user ID is your UBIT name, and your password is a unique string that was emailed to you by Records and Registration. Once you have logged in you can change your password.

2. What is my four digit exam ID#?

Your exam ID# is generated by Records and Registration and will auto-populate once you login. This number changes each semester.

3. Can I practice using Examplify before the exam?

Yes. See instructions above under Registration Process.

4. What Should I do Prior to Exam Day?

  • Register Examplify prior to the date(s) of your exam(s). Note that you can re-download Examplify on additional computers for use as backups, however, you can typically only download exam files once, so only do so on the computer you intend to use on exam day.
  • Ensure: (1) that your PC meets the specifications listed above, (2) that there is plenty of free hard drive space, (3) that your PC is virus free, and (4) that your PC has all updates installed.
  • Power Management - Check your settings to ensure that your computer will not go into sleep or hibernate mode, which can sometimes be difficult to exit during an exam.
  • Install Adobe Reader- For Take-Home exams make sure you have Adobe Reader installed so you can open PDF documents (Don’t need to worry about this if your professor handed out your exam in class).
  • Ensure that your battery is charged prior to the exam in the event there is a temporary power outage, and bring your power code.
  • Download exam files when available (typically take-out exams are not available until exam day).  For in-class exams, stop here until you are in the classroom with the proctor.

5. What Must I do on Exam Day for in-class exams?

  • Bring your power cord and battery (in the event of power loss).
  • Make sure you know your ExamSoft userID and password.
  • Arrive at the exam room at least 15-30 minutes early, plug your computer into a power outlet, turn on the computer, and login to Examplify.
  • If you have not done so already, you should download the exam file.  

6. What Must I do on Exam Day for take-out exams?

  • Make sure you know your ExamSoft userID and password.
  • Make sure you have Adobe Reader Installed so you can view your exam questions.
  • Log in to Examplify.  Download the exam file. Click on the exam. Click on 'Download Exam'. Click on "Take Exam'. After the exam has launched, click on the paper clip at the top of the page. If you do not see a pop-up PDF of your exam questions after you begin your exam then contact Records immediately at 716-645-2060.

7. How Do I Upload My Exam When I am Finished?

Once you are finished typing your exam, click on the drop down arrow that says "Exam Controls" and choose "Submit exam". If you see the green CONGRATULATIONS screen your exam has successfully uploaded. Click on Home Menu and log out. 

See a proctor if you do not see the congratulations screen! Once you do, you may close your laptop and check out with a proctor.

8. What do I do if I did NOT get the Congratulations Screen or an email confirmation of a successful upload?

You should first be sure you are connected to the internet. Sometimes if you are using UBWireless it says you are connected when you are not, so disconnect and connect again, making sure to try and launch Firefox or Internet Explorer to be sure you are connected. Once you are connected double-click the Examplify icon again and the system should upload your exam answer automatically. If it does not upload automatically, contact a proctor, ExamSoft support or Records and Registration at 716-645-2060.

9. If I have a take-out exam can I copy and paste from other programs into Examplify?

Yes, you can copy and paste text from Microsoft Word or other word processing programs into the Examplify window.

10. Can I copy and paste footnotes from other programs into Examplify for take-out exams?

Yes. You must first copy and paste footnotes from Microsoft Word or other word processing programs into Notepad (or TextEdit for a Mac), and then copy from that program into Examplify.

11. Can I hide my screen if I need to leave the exam room?

Yes, you may hide your screen if you need to exit the exam room for any reason. Click on “hide exam” in the top menu. This will block your screen until you return.

12. Can I take a break from my take-home exam once I have started?

No. You must keep your laptop open and running for the entire exam. You may hide your screen if you wish to take a break but do not close your laptop.

13. What if I have computer problems when taking my take-home exam?

If your computer freezes you should be able to reboot and resume your exam. If you reboot, you may see a screen that gives you a code, prompting you to get a resume code from the proctor. Contact Records and Registration at 716-645-2060 for this code and assistance.

14. What If I have technical problems?

  • Contact ExamSoft technical support at
  • Call toll-free 866.429.8889.
  • Start a live chat when you log in to ExamSoft.
  • Contact Records and Registration at 716.645.2060.

15. How can I confirm ExamSoft has received my answer files?

You will receive an email confirmation, or log in to and click on Exam History. If your exam did not appear to upload then contact ExamSoft support.

Examplify Tips

Word Count - Examplify provides a word count for essay answers. It gives a total word count or, if you select certain text, will give you the word count for just the highlighted sections.

Undo - Examplify can undo up to the last 50 actions in each essay response question.

Exam Backup - Examplify saves your work automatically every 60 seconds. Examplify maintains several encrypted copies of your exam on your hard drive. If your computer crashes during an exam, you can restart it and Examplify will automatically select the most current version of your exam from your hard disk.

Question Navigation - We do not use the Question Navigation. There will be only one Question on your screen. Type your entire exam answers into 'Question 1'.