Student Organizations

Event Planning Guide

This page has been created to help you with planning your student organization's events. 

The best way for the School of Law to assist student organizations with your event(s) is to gather information before plans and dates are committed. To ensure the best event possible, please submit an Event Date and Notification Form.

If your event is held annually, please track items from materials, design, contacts, pricing and create a folder/binder to pass to next year's organizer(s).

Please contact the Director of Student Life with any questions.

On this page:

Plan a Meeting

  1. Fill out a Date Notification Form to obtain clearance of date.
  2. Once a date has been approved, you will be assigned a room through the Dean’s Office.
  3. If applicable, your meeting will be posted on SIP by SBA.
  4. Publicize the meeting.
  5. Send an email to your target audience/members.
  6. If you are ordering food, please remember we are tax exempt. For a tax exempt certificate, please contact Director of Student Life

Plan a Speaker Event

  1. Decide on type of event – speaker series, individual speaker, topic, etc….
  2. Check your organization's budget (mailings, printing of postcards, posters).
  3. Check dates on the School of Law's Calendar for conflicting events.
  4. Check to see if another group or school has plans to invite to host a similar event. Run speakers / dates with Director of Student Life to avoid conflicts. Complete the Event Date and Notification Form.
  5. Extend an invitation to the individual(s) you would like to speak.
    • In certain cases, the Dean or other School of Law personnel may want to invite the individual. The STudent Life Office can help make the determination and walk you through the process.
  6. If the speaker or any invited guests needs accommodations for a disability, please contact the Director of Student Life.
  7. Contact the Koran Audio Visual Center to reserve all AV equipment and for set-up including microphone, video recording, or other purposes.
  8. Publicize the event (See also Publicize an Event)
    • Posters, emails, invitations, and postcards
          i. Remove all flyers from building within 2 days following event.
    • Digital Signage: Please send a description (include date, time, location, contact information) and 2 photos (optional) to the School of Law's Communications Office.
  9. Cater the event.
  10. Mail thank you notes to the speaker, sponsors, or other individuals within two weeks after event.
  11. All attendees for major events (student dinners, etc.) should be tracked and forwarded to Student Life Office.

Plan a Conference

(In general, it is best to plan a conference at least six months in advance.)

  1. If you would like to plan a conference, please schedule a meeting with the Director of Student Life.
  2. Conferences can be expensive. Be sure to consider funding before you begin making any arrangements. Sponsors can help offset expenses, please consult Fundraising guidelines before approaching any potential sponsors.
  3. Create a timeline and task list. The Director of Special Events can assist you with this.
  4. Invite speakers / create panels
    1. Organizations typically known speakers through personnel contacts or individuals know for that specialty of work. These invitations are sent via mail, email, phone, and/or fax. Review guidelines for inviting speakers.
    2. You may need to cover travel expenses (airfare, lodging, transportation) for your guest(s).
  5. Publicize your conference (See also Publicize an Event)
    1. Create an image / logo for your conference.
    2. Submit conference details to the School of Law's Calendar.
    3. Please send a description (include date, time, location, contact information) and 2 photos (optional) to the School of Law's Communications Office.
    4. Create flyers for the conference.
          i. Remove all flyers from building within 2 days following event.
    5. Flyers can be printed by organization or through Great Lakes Printing (located on UB North Campus) or other printing vendors.
    6. Email to School of Law's staff and faculty. Please submit information to the Director of Special Events.
    7. Email to alumni, please submit information to the School of Law's Communications Office for inclusion in Law Links, an e-newsletter sent to law alumni.


All fundraising requests to outside companies or individuals, such as law firms and law alumni, must first be reviewed and approved by the Development Office. Fundraising requests include cash gifts and sponsorships of events. If you intend to request funding from alumni, law firms or other companies for conferences, dinners, symposium, workshops, or larger scale events, please submit the following to the Development Office:

  1. completed Date and Notification Form
  2. a complete list of proposed donors; and,
  3. all proposed correspondence, including email, that you intend to use to request funding.

The list of proposed donors and all proposed correspondence must be reviewed and approved by the Development Office prior to any contact with the proposed donors. Please factor in at least one week for review by the Development Office of your submission once it is complete.

Reserve a Room

  1. The Dean's Office handles room reservation in O'Brian Hall. They will also be able to help you with room capacity sizes.
    • The Dean’s Office will be notified of your request after a Date Notification Form has been submitted.
    • Please include organization name, contact during event, including cell phone, date, purpose, and times needed.
    • Please remember to include set-up and tear down times needed for event.
  2. Please note that once a room reservation is confirmed, you will receive confirmation from the Dean's Office.
  3. Please note the proper name of the room must be used in all advertising / publicity. For a list, please contact the Director of Student Life (e.g., Francis M. Letro Courtroom, Cellino and Barnes Conference Center, Hodgson Russ Classroom, Gordon & Gretchen Gross Classroom).

If you would like to host an event outside the University and would like assistance, please contact the Director of Student Life. There are many spaces around campus and throughout Buffalo that the School of Law has had experience with from country club to art galleries. Please note some spaces have rental fees while others do not.

Publicize an Event

  1. The School of Law's Events Calendar is for the purpose of publicizing events that involve an internal as well as external audience for the law school, such as conferences, receptions, speaker events. The SBA Calendar is for the purpose of publicizing general events, such as bar nights, bake sales, fundraising lunches and general meetings.
  2. Posters
    • Remove all flyers from building within 2 days following event.
  3. Email
  4. Digital Signage
    • Events will be posted 5 days prior to event.
    • Send a description (include date, time, location, contact information) and 2 photos (optional) to theSchool of Law's Communications Office. Please note due to certain restrictions, the School of Law is unable to promote Bar Nights.
  5. Notifying staff and faculty
  6. Notifying students via the Student Information Portal (SIP)
    • Once your event has been approved, SBA will publicize the event to all students.
  7. Notify alumni if appropriate. Law Links – is a monthly email sent to alumni. Submit event information to the School of Law's Communications Office.
  8. For possible submission to the media, please email two paragraphs at least 3 weeks prior to the School of Law's Communications Office. Submission should include: a description of the event and why it is newsworthy; its location, time, participants, cost, and contact information for event organizer.

Catering an Event On-Campus

Contact Three Pillars Catering - UB's catering company. Outside vendors are also encouraged pending budget and event.

If alcohol is being served, the proper liquor license must be secured for the room/space. Contact the Alcohol Review Board with UB’s Student Life. Requests should be submitted a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the event per the Office of Judicial Affairs.


If you are bringing an individual or groups from out of town and hotel rooms are required, the School of Law has discounted rates with several local hotels in close proximity to the UB's North Campus and throughout downtown Buffalo. These rates often vary upon time of year and capacity of hotel. For a list of hotel and contact information, contact Director of Student Life.


If possible, high-resolution photographs (minimum of 300 dpi) of your event should be taken. Following the event, please submit six photos with name of event, date of occurrence and identification of people in photograph including full name and year (2L or '14) to the School of Law's Communications Office for possible posting on the web, use in law school publications, and photo archiving. All rights for usage of the image will belong to the School of Law.

A professional photographer will photograph only a few major events. If you believe your event falls in that category, please contact the Vice Dean for Communications.

Promotional and Event Materials

The School of Law owns marketing materials including such things as banners (podium, standing, stage, table top), name tags with our logo, portable tables and chairs, etc. These items are available for lending or use at your event. Your organization will assume liability if items are lost, stolen, or broken. Materials must be signed out and returned immediately following and event. Please contact the Director of Student Life.

Any article of clothing produced with the organization name or school logo, must be approved through the School of Law. Please contact the Director of Student Life.

Reserve a Table in the Lobby

To reserve a table in the O'Brian lobby, please fill out the Date Notification Form. Please include date(s), time and purpose (be descriptive and specific as possible as this will be used for advertising purposes). After your table is assigned, if appropriate, the information will be circulate for posting on SIP, monitors as well as to faculty/staff.

  1. You want to set up an informational table to promote an event;
  2. You want to have a bake sale or other fundraiser; or
  3. Other purposes for which reserving a classroom is unnecessary.