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Jessica Owley

Associate Professor

Research Focus: Administrative Law, Environmental Law, Federal Indian Law, Legislation and Statutory Interpretation, Natural Resources, Property

Links: Curriculum Vitae (PDF), SSRN

Contact Information

722 O'Brian Hall, North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-1100
Phone: 716-645-8182

Faculty Assistant: Nasisi, Deborah

Journal Articles

Cultural Conservation Easements, HERITAGE & SOCIETY (forthcoming 2014)

Symbolic Politics for Disempowered Communities: State Environmental Justice Policies (with Tonya Lewis) BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY JOURNAL OF PUBLIC LAW (forthcoming 2014)

Adapting Conservation Easements to Climate Change (with Adena R. Rissman, M. Rebecca Shaw and Barton H. Thompson) CONSERVATION LETTERS (2014)

Green Siting for Green Energy (with Amy Morris and Emily Capello) JOURNAL OF ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL LAW vol. 5: 17-29 (Spring 2014)

Towards Engaged Scholarship (with John Nolon et al) PACE LAW REVIEW vol. 33: 821-877  (2013)

What Exactly are Exactions? NEW YORK ENVIRONMENTAL LAWYER (Forthcoming)

Mitigating the Impacts of the Renewable Energy Gold Rush, MINNESOTA JOURNAL OF LAW SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY vol. 15: 293-388 (2014)
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From Citizen Suits to Conservation Easements: The Increasing Private Role in Public Permit Enforcement, ENVIRONMENTAL LAW REPORTER NEWS AND ANALYSIS vol. 43: 10486-10491 (June 2013)

The Increasing Privatization of Environmental Law, Environmental Law Report, AKRON LAW REVIEW, vol. 46: 1091-1131 (2013)
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Exacted Conservation Easements: Emerging Concerns with Enforcement, PROBATE & PROPERTY (January  2012) vol. 26 p. 51
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Exacting Conservation Easements in California, ENVIRONMENTAL LAW NEWS (January  2012) vol. 21 p. 3
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Neoliberal Land Conservation and Social Justice, IUCN Acad. Envtl. L. E-J. (January  2012) vol. 3 p. 13
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The Future of the Past: Historic Preservation Easements, ZONING & PLANNING LAW REPORT (2012) vol. 35 p. 1
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Who Should Protect the Forest: Conservation Easements in the Forest Legacy Program Conference: 34th Public Land Law Conference: Strengthening Our Roots: Forest Law and Policy in a Changing World - September 14-16, 2011 - University of Montana, PUBLIC LAND AND RESOURCES LAW REVIEW (with Stephen J. Tulowiecki) (2012) vol. 33 p. 47
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Changing Property in a Changing World: A Call for the End of Perpetual Conservation Easements, STANFORD ENVIRONMENTAL LAW JOURNAL (2011) vol. 30 p. 121
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Conservation Easements at the Climate Change Crossroads, LAW & CONTEMPORARY PROBLEMS (2011) vol. 74 p. 199
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Fifth Amendment Takings Clause, ENVIRONMENT ENERGY & RESOURCES LAW: YEAR REVIEW (2011) vol. 2011 p. 343

The Enforceability of Exacted Conservation Easements, Vt. L. Rev. (2011) vol. 36 p. 261
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Emergence of Exacted Conservation Easements, The, NEBRASKA LAW REVIEW (2005) vol. 84 p. 1043
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Preservation as Mitigation Under CEQA: Ho Hum or Uh-Oh?, ENVIRONMENTAL LAW NEWS (2005) vol. 14 p. 18

Exacted Conservation Easements: The Hard Case of Endangered Species Protection, JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL LAW AND LITIGATION (2004) vol. 19 p. 293
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Tribal Sovereignty over Water Quality, JOURNAL OF LAND USE & ENVIRONMENTAL LAW (2004) vol. 20 p. 61
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Foreword (with Emma Garrison), ECOLOGY LAW QUARTERLY (2003) vol. 30 p. 395
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Piney Run: The Permits Are Not What They Seem, ECOLOGY LAW QUARTERLY (2003) vol. 30 p. 429
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Rethinking Sustainable Development to Meet the Climate Change Challenge (with Keith Hirokawa, editor) (co-author of introduction and chapter author) (ELI Press, forthcoming 2014)

Preservation as a Flawed Mitigation Strategy, BEYOND JURISDICTION: WETLANDS POLICY FOR THE NEXT GENERATION (K. Connolly, ed.) (SUNY Buffalo Press:  ) (forthcoming 2014)

Property Constructs and Nature's Challenge to Perpetuity, ENVIRONMENTAL LAW AND CONTRASTING IDEAS OF NATURE: A CONSTRUCTIVIST APPROACH (K. Hirokawa, ed.) (Cambridge University Press:  2014) p. 64
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Takings in The Year in Review 2011 (ABA Section on Environment, Energy, and Resources, 2012) p. 343-344

Tribes as conservation easement holders: is a partial property interest better than none?, TRIBES, LAND, AND THE ENVIRONMENT (Sarah Krakoff & Ezra Rosser, ed.) (Ashgate:   2012) p. 25
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Use of conservation easements by local governments, GREENING LOCAL GOVERNMENT: LEGAL STRATEGIES FOR PROMOTING SUSTAINABILITY, EFFICIENCY, AND FISCAL SAVINGS (P. Salkin and K. Hirokawa, ed.) (ABA Publishing:   2012) p. 237
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