Rick T. Su


Research Focus: Immigration Law, Local Government Law

Links: Curriculum Vitae (PDF), SSRN

Contact Information

530 O'Brian Hall, North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-1100
Phone: 716-645-5134
Email: ricksu@buffalo.edu

Faculty Assistant: Suzanne Caruso


Journal Articles

Have Cities Abandoned Home Rule?, 44 FORDHAM URBAN LAW JOURNAL 181 (2017)


The Promise and Peril of Cities and Immigration Policy, HARVARD LAW AND POLICY REVIEW vol. 7: 299-319 (2013)
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The States of Immigration, WILLIAM AND MARY LAW REVIEW vol. 54 p. 1339 (2013)
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Locating Keith Aoki: Space, Geography, and Local Government Law, U.C. DAVIS LAW REVIEW vol. 45 p. 1637 (2012)
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Urban Politics and the Assimilation of Immigrant Voters, WILLIAM AND MARY BILL OF RIGHTS JOURNAL vol. 21 p. 653 (2012)
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Working on Immigration: Three Models of Labor and Employment Regulations, WASHBURN LAW JOURNAL vol. 51 p. 331 (2012)
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Police Discretion and Local Immigration Policymaking, UMKC LAW REVIEW vol. 79 p. 901 (2011)
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Immigration as Urban Policy, FORDHAM URBAN LAW JOURNAL vol. 38 p. 363 (2010)
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Local Fragmentation as Immigration Regulation, HOUSTON LAW REVIEW vol. 47 p. 367 (2010)
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The Overlooked Significance of Arizona's New Immigration law, MICHIGAN LAW REVIEW FIRST IMPRESSIONS vol. 108 p. 76 (2010)
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A Localist Reading of Local Immigration Regulations, NORTH CAROLINA LAW REVIEW vol. 86 p. 1619 (2008)
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Notes on the Multiple Facets of Immigration Federalism, TULSA JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE AND INTERNATIONAL LAW vol. 15 p. 179 (2008)
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Book Chapters

The Role of States in the National Conversation on Immigration, STRANGE NEIGHBORS: THE ROLE OF STATES IN IMMIGRATION POLICY (C. Hessick & G. Chin, eds.) (NYU Press: 2014) p.198-228
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