Aaron Aisen's Glasgow Experience


Today Aaron J. Aisen '11 is an associate with Goldberg Segalla in the Buffalo office whose practice focuses on such areas as regulatory compliance, banking, global insurance and reinsurance matters, and cyber risk. However, in 2009, Aisen participated in our Bilateral Exchange Program and spent a semester abroad, taking classes at the University of Glasgow School of Law.

"In fall 2009, I spent the semester at the University of Glasgow (or 'Glasgow Uni' as it is affectionately known by the natives and its alumni). That semester was one of the best educational decisions I ever made. 

First, Glasgow and the University of Glasgow are amazing places. Second, it gave me a chance to spend a good bit of time studying law in a different setting and helping me to gain new insights that I would not have learned staying in the United States. 

Sometimes we get locked into an American way of thinking. We forget that the world is getting smaller by the day and that not everyone agrees with us, even on some basic things. One of the great things about studying in Glasgow is that I was able to learn not just a different area of law (or rather five or six different areas of law) but how to think about law and even life differently. This really is an invaluable tool, especially in today's world. In my practice today, I deal with issues in Europe and other jurisdictions all the time. 

My experience in the Glasgow program has been invaluable as I work through the different laws and regulations that govern the jurisdictions and problems I am assigned to analyze. I would highly recommend this or a similar type of international experience to anyone!"