Scholars Program

Housing Rules and Regulations

  • The University at Buffalo adheres to and expects its guests to follow all Local, State and federal Laws.
  • No tampering with any fire equipment (i.e. fire extinguisher, fire hoses, pull boxes, etc.). This is an arrestable offense.
  • Illegal drugs and underage drinking are not permitted on university grounds.
  • Sports are not permitted inside of any residential buildings or on the 2nd floor plaza level of the Ellicott Complex.
  • Cooking is NOT permitted in guests rooms.
  • Only the buildings that are assigned and other specified areas are to be used by your group. All other residential areas are restricted.
  • Permission must be granted to use any university space or equipment.
  • Courtesy toward others is expected, especially concerning noise.
  • All room changes must be done through your group organizer. Group organizers must inform the Campus Living Staff of any and all room changes.
  • Immediately report a lost key or swipe card to the Area Office.
  • Duplicating of keys is NOT PERMITTED. Additional costs will be incurred if keys are duplicated.
  • The University and sponsoring programs reserve the right to enter rooms, without prior notice, for emergency reasons or if you have reported a maintenance problem.
  • It is recommended that only small sums of money be kept in rooms. The University assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY for lost or stolen possessions.
  • There is no smoking within University buildings including residence halls.
  • Only service animals are permitted in the residence halls.