A Buffalo Shoestring Budget

Here’s a sample budget for law students looking to minimize their post-graduate debt and maximize cost savings.

The Buffalo Shoestring Budget assumes that students are minimizing monthly expenses by living with a roommate, carpooling or using public transportation, relying on family health insurance plans and minimizing meal expenses.

To learn more, view the University's 2020-21 Cost of Attendance.

Direct Costs:

Resident / Non-Resident Tuition

$25,410 / $29,500


Indirect Costs: $28,282 / $32,372
Room/Board/Living $7,000.00
Transportation $2,000.00
Personal $2,750.00
Books $1,400.00
Resident Total
Non-Resident Total

*Fees Include: Comprehensive fees —campus life, college, health services, technology, transcript and transportation fees, Academic Excellence fee, and an Activity fee. International students also pay the International Student Fee ($100/semester). Learn more.