A Message from the President

Dear Fellow Alumni:

I am very excited for the opportunity to serve as president of the UB Law Alumni Association (LAA) this year.  The LAA dates back to 1887 and, after it was reinstated almost 60 years ago, it has become a very important part of UB Law.

Over the course of the year, the LAA will aim to provide interesting educational and social programs, multiple forums for alumni to mentor our current students, and multiple opportunities for alumni, faculty, and our current students to network with each other.  Our current Board and the many alumni who have devoted their time and resources to the LAA share a few important item in common – their dedication to UB Law and their interest in making a positive impact on everyone and everything connected to UB Law.

Whether you are an alumnus, current student, or just someone interested in UB Law, I hope that you can join me at a future LAA event as we continue to make a positive impact on UB Law.


Marc W. Brown

Marc W. Brown.

Marc W. Brown, president, UB Law Alumni Association