Re-Entry Practicum

Each year over 650,000 ex-offenders are released from state and federal custody with hopes of successfully reestablishing themselves back into their communities. Upon release, these individuals and their families face legal and social obstacles that interfere with successful reintegration and increase the likelihood of recidivism.

In this Post-Incarceration Reentry Practicum, we will discuss barriers to reentry and explore potential solutions. Students will engage in classroom study and intense service learning. Students will actively contribute to the civil representation of individuals participating in the Western District of New York’s Federal Reentry Court, where they will gain direct, hands-on legal experience. 

Given the range of issues faced by these individuals, we expect that students may have an opportunity to work under practice orders in Federal, Supreme, City, and Family Courts.  In addition to service learning, students will attend a weekly class where they will examine legal and social barriers faced by persons with criminal records attempting to reestablish themselves in the community.

Along with 120 hours of service, an oral presentation and a final research paper will be required of each student.