UB North Campus Spine with Students. Photographer: Douglas Levere.

UB North Campus Spine with Students. Photographer: Douglas Levere

5 Benefits of attending a state law school

There can be several benefits to attending a state law school. Here we’ve highlight our top 5.

1. Price – According to Peterson’s, most public universities and colleges were founded by state governments, some as early as the 1800s, to give residents the opportunity to receive public college education. Today, state governments pay for most of the cost of operating public universities. They also oversee these institutions through appointed boards and trustees. The average tuition and fees in 2012 for private institutions was $40,634, according to the ABA. At public schools the average was $23,214 for in-state students and $36,202 for out-of-state students. The American Bar Association has a list of all of the public law schools in the U.S. here.

2. Reputation – State universities offer the same amount of academic value as the other schools. Depending on where you live, your state college might be a high-ranking university, but even if it isn’t, you will still be able to obtain your degree from an accredited institution and find a job after you graduate. It is a good idea to go to law school where you plan to practice. If you attend a state law school in the state that you plan on practicing, the school will be recognized by anyone who hires you.

3. Accountability – All accredited law schools must meet standards set by the American Bar Association. In addition to the ABA, all state schools have a higher authority who are monitoring the actions and decisions within the law school. This adds an added layer of accountability for the school to maintain a high standard of education.

4. Location – State schools tend to be larger than private institutions therefore they typically are located in more populated areas of the state. This is not always the case

5. It’s bigger than the law school – Many state colleges and universities have many resources and activities that happen outside of the law school. This includes concerts, artist exhibitions, and well-known speakers as well as exciting sports programs.

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