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5 Practical LSAT Study Tips

Published March 16, 2017

If you are self-studying, intensive LSAT preparation is crucial to a favorable score. These five tips can help you prepare for and succeed on the LSAT. 

1. Practice makes "passing"

Although there is no “passing” the LSAT, there are certain scores that are just not good. Studying is not about the questions you get rights, it is about critically analyzing what you did wrong. It may be difficult and humbling to go through your wrong answers but the only way to learn from them is to face them. The more you do this, the more you will be able to recognize patterns in the questions and start getting them right! Doing one section a day and reviewing your answers is a great way to get in a consistent habit of practice. Before the actual test, make sure you take at least one full practice test under timed conditions. The more you practice, the better. 

2. Take your time

Let’s face it, you have other things going on in your life when you are studying for the LSAT. Whether you are working, going to school or spending time with family and friends, it is rare that anyone is able to study for the LSAT full-time. People often underestimate the amount of time they should dedicate to studying to be prepared for the LSAT. Give yourself enough time to study by creating a schedule months in advance of your test date. Cramming for the LSAT will not be helpful to you at all. 

3. Be prepared for the worst

It would be ideal if all test centers and administrations of the LSAT were equal. That is not reality. This tip is just to make you aware that not everything may go as planned on your test day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed anyways. Check out the most common LSAT Test Center Problems on lsatblog. They include proctors not properly timing the sections or not giving the 5-minute warning. As noted, LSAC usually does nothing to unless the conditions are so extreme that it would be nearly impossible to take the test. With that said, you can still succeed on your LSAT despite inconvenient circumstances.

4. Study ACTUAL LSAT questions

Make sure to use official LSAT materials to practice and the more recent, the better. Prices might be higher on books with official questions because the questions must be licensed through LSAC. It is worth the investment. It would not be good if you spent all your time studying materials that were not helpful for the actual test. 

5. It's all a numbers game

You do not get points off for wrong answers on the LSAT. Give full effort on questions you can grasp, there are trap answers that seem right if you are rushing. It is ok to leave some questions unanswered in the interest of devoting full attention to others. If you leave bubbles blank, make sure to go back and randomly fill them in. There is a chance you will randomly select the right answer. Use your time in each section wisely. The most difficult thing about the LSAT is not necessarily the content, but the timing. 

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