Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I need to have my job offer first?
Answer: It is not required.  However, it is expected that you will already be in the process of looking for a summer fellowship and/or be working with the Career Services Office to obtain a summer position.  The cover letter requires specific information about the types of job you are pursing and the substance of these opportunities will be considered during the selection process.

Question: Can I still get a fellowship if I am only working part-time?
Answer: Yes.  BPILP Grants may be awarded to students who are working less than full-time.  The amount of the fellowship awarded may vary.

Question: What if I am awarded a fellowship and then decide to change jobs?
Answer: Job changes are not encouraged.  However, in extenuating circumstances, we will allow a job change on the condition that you revise your application to reflect the new job. The Committee will then need to re-evaluate your application.  The Committee will not consider job changes that do not satisfy the fellowship qualifications.  Ex:  You received the Alumni fellowship and now you want to work for Legal Aid. Your job change will require you to revise your application.

Question: Can I receive more than one fellowship for Summer 2020?
Answer: No, but you may receive a non-BPILP grant to supplement your fellowship as long as your total funding does not exceed $5,000.  Equal Justice Works Americorps J.D. awards will not count towards this amount, as they are tuition grants.  Please email with any questions about this.

Question: If I received a BPILP fellowship in 2019, can I apply again?
Answer: Yes, you may apply.  However, you will not be eligible for another BPILP fellowship or any donor funded fellowship that specifically indicates that it is for 1L students.  Please use the common application and you will be considered for any fellowship that you would be considered eligible for.