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The names of some generous donors have pride of place in the Law School’s coveted tuition scholarships, awarded to students of exceptional promise.  

Erin Goldberg ’17.

Erin Goldberg ’17

The Donald D. Serotte Scholarship was funded by Michael I. Serotte ’85 in memory of his father, also a SUNY Buffalo Law graduate. A senior partner with the Serotte Law Firm in Buffalo, he practices immigration law. Erin Goldberg ’17, the inaugural recipient of the scholarship, is an Amherst native who studied history and English at Fredonia State College. She also underwent two years of military training and still drills regularly with the Army Reserve.

“I would not be able to attend law school without that scholarship. The decision to come here was based on the financial aid I was able to receive, and that level of generosity benefits me greatly.”  - Erin Goldberg ’17

Amanda Brennan ’17.

Amanda Brennan ’17

Amanda Brennan ’17 was awarded the Phyllis G. Smith Scholarship. Brennan, a graduate of Fredonia State College, commutes from the Chautauqua County village of Silver Creek and works one day a week as the court clerk there. She’s also the mother of two elementary-age children.

“The scholarship significantly lightens my financial burden, affording me the opportunity to devote more time and focus on strenuous courses and furthering my potential to succeed as a law student. I hope one day I will be fortunate enough to provide help to other students to assist them in achieving their legal educational goals, just as I have been helped.” - Amanda Brennan ’17

John E. Minnick ’17.

John E. Minnick ’17

John E. Minnick ’17, recipient of the Carmen P. Tarantino Memorial Scholarship, is a native of Latham, N.Y., near Albany, and majored in international studies at SUNY Cortland, with a concentration in political science in international politics. Law school, he says, “looked like something that could open a lot of doors for me. I knew that it would be very difficult, but I knew the rewards would be great.”

“The scholarship gives me more of an opportunity to focus on trying hard in school and making sure to stay on top of things and not have to worry about how am I going to afford this. It’s a really great feeling that people who have gone through the school care about the next generation. The community of alumni is incredible.”  - John E. Minnick ’17

Kerry Q. Battenfeld ’17.

Kerry Q. Battenfeld ’17

Her work with victims of human trafficking is what inspired Kerry Q. Battenfeld ’17 to go to law school. Battenfeld, recipient of the William R. Greiner Scholarship, is a Buffalo native who studied politics and philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh, then served with the Peace Corps in Honduras, before returning home and working with the immigrant community through the International Institute of Buffalo. She is pursuing a joint degree in law and social work.

“I’ve been working a couple of different part-time jobs, and it was very stressful. Now I’ll just be able to focus on school and be part of some of the activities, like Law Review or the Buffalo Public Interest Law Program, instead of having to rush off to work after class. Having a couple extra hours each week will make a huge difference.” - Kerry Q. Battenfeld ’17

Larry E. Waters ’17.

Larry E. Waters ’17

The Law Alumni Association Scholarship was awarded to Larry E. Waters ’17, who studied criminal justice at the University of Delaware. He decided on law school, he says, because it “gives me the best platform to help people, and it endows you with knowledge as well to give back to your community.”

 “The scholarship is a huge help. It reinforced my commitment to the Law School, because they seemed committed to me. So I’ll give it my all. I’m so thankful to all the alumni who put this together.” - Larry E. Waters ’17