Clinical Legal Education

Professor Kim Diana Connolly, director of clinical legal education, teaching an Environmental Advocacy Clinic.

Student lawyers work under the supervision of skilled faculty to engage in practical legal thinking and ethical practice through client representation, policy development, and effective problem-solving work in experiential settings.

Our Clinical Legal Education program offers diverse and sophisticated practice opportunities to upper-class and LL.M. students working closely with skilled supervising attorneys. Our clinical offerings involve cutting-edge issues and complex matters in which creativity and innovation play key roles in serving clients effectively. Our clinics empower you to be successful.


Animal Law Pro Bono Clinic

The Animal Law Pro Bono Clinic focuses on national, state and local policy addressing animal welfare issues, such as puppy mills, feral and community cats, and former race horses.

Civil Liberties and Transparency Clinic

Students in the Civil Liberties and Transparency Clinic will engage in a broad range of litigation and other advocacy to defend individual rights and to enforce the public’s right of access to information on issues involving national security, veterans, law enforcement, technology & privacy, and public health. The clinic will represent a variety of clients including individuals; investigative journalists and news organizations; grassroots community groups; and regional or national advocacy organizations.  

Community Justice Clinic

The Community Justice Clinic represents low-income residents of Buffalo on issues relating to workers’ rights, consumer justice, immigration, civil rights and government benefits. It is primarily a litigation clinic, although students will also have the opportunity to engage in community education and policy work as well.

Environmental Advocacy Clinic

The Environmental Advocacy Clinic focuses on state, national and international environmental policy issues that have direct impact on Western New York as well as national and international implications. Student attorneys coordinate directly with a bi-national task force and perform legal research regarding Canadian and U.S. federal law as well as state, provincial and local requirements.

Family Violence and Women’s Rights Clinic

In the U.S., one in three women and one in four men have been victims of some sort of physical violence by an intimate partner within their lifetime. Erie County has high rates of domestic violence and child abuse, with the highest number of intimate partner homicides in New York outside of New York City.

Students are invited to join the fight towards attaining justice and safety for victims of intimate partner violence. Students will gain a holistic understanding of the complex set of laws and courts that govern family violence practice in New York State and Erie County.

Health Justice Clinic

Health Justice Clinic students provide legal services that support better health and quality of life for low-income people facing cancer.

Law and Social Work Clinic

Through this clinic, students in the Law School’s dual degree program in Law and Social Work gain experience in legal service agencies, social service agencies, prosecutor offices, or therapeutic courts such as drug and domestic violence courts.

Mediation Clinic

The increasingly vital craft of conflict resolution is the focus of the Law School’s Mediation Clinic. Working on cases referred by local courts or other mediation agencies, students help resolve disputes in family law, small claims and the community.