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Law Journals

Buffalo Law Review

SUNY Buffalo Law’s wide array of scholarly law journals provides students with the opportunity to develop research and writing skills and make important contributions to legal scholarship.

Buffalo Environmental Law Journal

The Buffalo Environmental Law Journal publishes high-quality articles that analyze legal environmental issues, including those surrounding climate change, energy, natural resources management, land use and pollution. BELJ publishes articles written by practitioners, professors and students, and is entirely edited by SUNY Buffalo Law students. Membership provides an excellent opportunity for students to participate in environmental legal discourse and hone their management, organizational, research and editing skills.

Editor-in-Chief: Ethan Notarius
Managing Editor: Raj Obilisundar
Articles Editor: Matthew Ronan
Business Editor: Dustin Green
Executive Editors: Matthew Eldred, Brian Sarama
Publications Editor: Sarah Monte

Room: 404, O'Brian Hall

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Buffalo Human Rights Law Review

The Buffalo Human Rights Law Review is published annually. BHRLR focuses on issues of human rights, including topics that apply an interdisciplinary approach. The Review promotes the global development and practical application of human rights law.

Editor-In-Chief: Elahe Hosseini
Executive Editor: Corey Chapin
Managing Editor: Nadeen Bawab
Executive Publications Editors: Jeff Hartman, Anna McCarthy, and Aaron Rubin
Articles Editors: Gretchen Frank and Artur Jagielski
Clerks: Kelly Barrett, Cara Cox, Margaret M. Duggan, Amy Counter, Victoria Hahn, Priya Mathon, Brett Miller, Julia H. Purdy, Volha Salavei, Marc S. Smith, M. Ibrahim Tariq, Joseph Greco Trapp

Room: 604, O'Brian Hall

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Buffalo Intellectual Property Law Journal

The annual Buffalo Intellectual Property Law Journal  publishes articles pertaining to intellectual property. As technology becomes increasingly important in today's world, BIPLJ will continue to publish articles addressing the legal issues of intellectual property and serve as an academic resource to the Western New York legal community.

Editor-in-Chief: Eliza Friedman
Executive Managing Editor: Amanda Cannavo
Executive Articles Editor: Shannon Trabert
Assistant Executive Articles Editor: Conor Flynn
Executive Business Editor: James Macri
Executive Notes Editor: Chris Brown
Executive Publications Editor: Dana Lee
Executive Tech Editor: Brian Cummings

Room: 404, O'Brian Hall

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Buffalo Journal of Gender, Law & Social Policy

The annual Buffalo Journal of Gender, Law & Social Policy publishes significant student and professional contributions to legal literature. BJGLSP publishes works that challenge traditional avenues of legal and academic thought and pursues alternative means of expressing the lives and concerns of men, women, and gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning persons.

Editor-in-Chief: Kate McCoy
Managing Editor: Elizabeth Lee
Publications Editor: Sarah Fenster
Submissions Editor: Dannielle O’Toole
Recruitment Manager: Vanessa Gabriele
Articles Managers: Nicole Kolczynski, Marty Violante, Amanda Barnhart

Room: 403
Phone: 716-645-3715
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Buffalo Law Review

The Buffalo Law Review, published since 1951, publishes five issues per year, with each issue containing articles from scholars, practitioners and judges. The Law Review also publishes member-written pieces on contemporary legal issues.

The Buffalo Law Review prides itself on maintaining the highest level of integrity and objectivity in its selection process. Admission to the Law Review is open to the entire student body. Every year 28 to 32 new members are selected. The first 20 are selected based on first-year grades, a blue book exam and case-note scores. Admission for the remaining eight to 12 seats is based solely on a combination of case-note and blue book exam scores. Members may also be added from students transferring to the Law School, based on case note and blue book exam scores.

Editor-in-chief: Emily Dinsmore
Executive Editor: Andrew Dean
Executive Publication Editors: Elizabeth Lee, Elizabeth Monachino, Jake Sonner
Managing Editor: Lauren Skompinski
Head Note & Comment Editor: Ross Sarraf
Business Editor: Jay Organek
Electronic Systems Editor: Olivia Scheuer

Room: 605
Phone: 716-645-2059
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Buffalo Public Interest Law Journal

The Buffalo Public Interest Law Journal, published annually, publishes unique scholarly works related to public interest law and policy. Members participate as cite-checkers and associates and in various editorial board positions. Additionally, all members have the opportunity to submit a written work for publication via the Journal's annual student writing competition.

Editor-in-Chief: Emily Sobilo
Executive Editors: Molly Cooper, Tricia DeFilipps, Mindy VanLeuvan
Submissions Editor: Kerisha Hawthorne
Managing Editor: Lindsey Luczka
Publications Editor: Eric Parker
Webmaster: Jon Tantillo

Room: 403
Phone: 716-645-6387
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