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The Law Library

Part II: A Quick Tour

Published August 14, 2017

You will likely be spending a lot of time in the Law Library during your three years at UB. This post will help acquaint you with our study spaces and some of the services we offer to help you succeed. 

You can borrow more than just books at the Circulation Desk

Stop by the Circulation Desk (on your left as you enter the Law Library) and check out what you can check out! You can borrow cell phone and laptop chargers for all current devices, including Apple products; headphones; calculators; umbrellas for rainy days; and even a Frisbee and a football that you can take outside for some exercise.

The Law Library’s Course Reserve Collection is also located behind the Circulation Desk where we keep at least one copy of each assigned textbook for your 1L classes. Each title is available for two-hours at a time, so if you forget your book at home but need to get a jump on your reading, we’ve got you covered!

Study spaces for all types of learners

Whether you prefer a quiet corner to read by yourself or a table where you can talk over your assignments with your classmates, the Law Library has a variety of study spaces to meet your needs.

Our second floor reading room and outdoor balcony are great spots for group work where you can talk over your assignments without fear of the angry glances or shushes you may receive elsewhere in the library. We also have conference rooms on the second and sixth floors that two or more students can use for two hours at a time to work collaboratively. For more on reserving conference rooms, please visit our Conference Room Reservation page. 

If you prefer a more peaceful environment, the seventh floor is a quiet study area that is accessible to law students only, making it one of our more popular locations for students to read or access one of our computer workstations. We also have more than twenty tables in our seventh floor reading room, including two standing desks, and a comfortable seating area with puzzles and games located near our Success Collection, which is stocked with books to help you succeed in law school and in your careers. We also provide a Leisure DVD Collection in the reading room and a practice putting green at the back of the floor if you need a break from studying.

The third floor is another popular quiet study area for law students and undergrads. You can pick a spot overlooking the second floor, take a seat at one of the tables at the top of the stairs, or reserve a private study carrel at the Circulation Desk. For more information on our study carrels, please visit our Study Carrel Reservation page. 

On behalf of the faculty and staff of the Charles B. Sears Law Library, we look forward to seeing you all this fall!

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Brian Detweiler graduated from Notre Dame Law School and practiced law with the Legal Aid Society of Rochester, New York before pursuing his M.L.S. at the University at Buffalo where he now works in the Law Library as the Student Services Librarian.


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