SBA Leadership.

2018-19 SBA Leadership

Student Bar Association (SBA)

The Student Bar Association is the elected body that represents student interests at the University at Buffalo School of Law. SBA serves as a channel for the student body and seeks to establish open communication channels and bonds amongst the student body with the administration, faculty and legal profession in the community.

SBA functions as an umbrella organization for many of the student clubs, academic journals, and moot courts. The SBA is directed by SUNY, University, and School of Law policies and an elected Senate of student representatives, whose mission is to allocate funding collected from student activity fees. These funds are then allocated to student organizations for events. In additional SBA hosts a number of social and education events to enhance the student experience.

There are over 32 different student groups at UB School of Law. The majority are associated and make up the Student Bar Association. View a full list of clubs, journals and moot courts.

The bimonthly meetings listed on the calendar (link) are open to everyone. In addition to SBA club business, these meetings can be considered an open forum for any student to share a suggestion or concern.

General guidance questions, please contact the Director of Student Life Amy Hayes Atkinson,

Contact Us

President: Kevin Southern,
Vice President: Abisha Vijayashanthar,
Treasurer: Mohammed Alam,
Parliamentarian: Breanna Reilly,
Events/Fundraising: Peter Farruggia,

Contact: Room 207 O'Brian Hall, 716-645-2748


Financial Forms

SBI Office Forms

  • Ticket Data Form (PDF)
    For all tickets to events being sold (online or otherwise). Other SBI forms can be found under club policies and guidelines.
  • Merchandise Event Form (PDF)
    You must fill out this form for any sales of merchandise or items other than tickets.

All clubs associated with SBA that fundraise any monies MUST use the SBI Ticket Office to collect all revenues.

General Forms