Past Exams

Past Law School Exams that have been made available for electronic access by faculty members can be found by following the link below, and authenticating using your UBIT username and password.

In the Past Exams folder, you will find a listing of folders by Class Title. Within Each Class folder there will be a folders by Faculty Name. Within a specific Faculty member’s folder, the exams are arranged by Year and Semester.

When provided by faculty member, you may also find sample answers, mid-terms, or answer keys. Those files are named like the original exam with an addendum to the right end of the file name noting specifics, i.e. 2013-Fa-501-Gardner.J-Midterm.pdf

We also have a selection of past exams that faculty only want made available in print format. Ask the Law Library's circulation desk to see these exams. They are arranged similarly to the electronic format, i.e. by Class title, and under the class title by faculty. The electronic exams found on the server are also on file in print format that students can use in library.