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Information for Current Students

Student Organizations

Students participating in SBA's Day of Service.

Student organizations are an integral part of the SUNY Buffalo Law School experience. Our diverse clubs, associations, societies, boards and activities provide students an opportunity to contribute time and talent in ways that are both personally and professionally gratifying.

Many students are involved in more than one organization, and even with a rigorous academic schedule, participation becomes a vital avenue of self-expression and socializing.

To participate in any of the organizations listed below, contact any of the individuals listed below or Lillie Wiley-Upshaw, vice dean for admissions and student life.

Planning an Event: The Law School's Special Events Office helps student organizations with event planning and provides you with a single point of contact when planning your event. The "Planning an Event" guide is designed to help you and your student organization. Please contact the director of special events with questions.

The "Event Date and Notification Form" must be submitted prior to any event planning. If you would like the Dean to attend your event, please submit a "Dean Calendar Request" form.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Association

Alternative dispute resolution is an increasingly popular form of case resolution in the legal community. The Alternative Dispute Resolution Association concentrates mainly on mediation and provides multiple opportunities for students to become involved with and learn about the mediation process. Each year the association hosts a Mediation Competition and Mediation Training, which allows students to enhance their skills and provides them with an opportunity to participate in mediation.

President: Amanda Barba
Vice President: Katelyn Lyon
Treasurer: Brittany Maxon
Secretary: Amanda Karpovich

Contact: Room 405, O'Brian Hall

American Constitution Society

President: Maisha Blakeney
Vice President: Aisha Thornton
Treasurer: Elliot Raimondo
Secretary: Megan Hartl

Faculty Advisor: Professor Martha McClusky
Contact: Visit Website

Asian-Pacific American Law Students Association

The Asian-Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA) supports students of Asian descent, facilitates Asian law students’ interaction in the Law School community and provides a forum for discussions on legal issues concerning Asians. APALSA hosts regular academic and social events of Asian interest for its members. It is affiliated with the Asian American Bar Association of New York and the Minority Bar Association of Western New York.

President: Nara Tjitradjaja
Vice President: Andrew DeMasters
Treasurer: Raj Oblisunder
Secretary: Ibrahim Qureshi

Contact: Room 603, O'Brian Hall
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Black Law Students Association

The Black Law Students Association (BLSA) is a professional, nationally affiliated organization of black law students dedicated to improving opportunities and diversity in legal education.  At the SUNY Buffalo Law chapter of BLSA, our goal is to articulate and promote the educational, professional, political and social needs of our black law students while also giving back to our communities.

President: Sarah Draper
Vice President:
Chidera Atuegbu
 Jonathon Ling
Maisha Blakeney
Community Service Chair: Danielle Silas
NBLSA Rep: Brittany Andrews

Contact: Room 603, O'Brian Hall
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Buffalo Criminal Law Society

President: Eric Curtis
Vice President: Allie Cusano
Judge’s Chair: Megan Hartl
Competitor's Chair &Treasurer: Merrick Sadler
Clerk’s Chair: Josh Jansch
Treasurer: Merrick Sadler

Adviser: George Kannar

Contact: Room 405, O'Brian Hall

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Buffalo Environmental Law Society (BELS)

The Buffalo Environmental Law Society is the liaison between students and the environmental law program/concentration and its faculty and staff.  BELS is also responsible for Earth Week celebrations at SUNY Buffalo Law School. We've brought state senators and notable scholars to speak, screened environmentally focused films, organized hikes in nearby parks, and raffled solar chargers and other electronics to raise money for environmental organizations.

President:  Amy Counter
Vice President:
Matt Fanciullo
Devin Franklin
Secretary: Bridget Steele


Buffalo Lawyers Golf Network

The Buffalo Lawyers Golf Network provides free lessons and events for beginners, caddy services, a student-attorney league, mini-golf outings and fundraising tournaments. The group hopes to introduce the game of golf to beginners within the law school so they can learn to enjoy the game and improve their skills within a relaxed setting. Additionally, we attempt to connect students and local lawyers through leagues and outings allowing for fun networking opportunities.

President:  Patrick Little
Vice President: TBD


Buffalo Moot Court Board

The Buffalo Moot Court Board is dedicated to fostering excellence in appellate advocacy and encouraging the development of practical legal skills such as brief writing and oral argument. Board members are selected based on their performance in the Charles S. Desmond Moot Court Competition, the intramural competition that takes place each fall and requires second- and third-year students to argue a constitutional problem. Each spring the Buffalo Moot Court Board also offers the Albert R. Mugel National Moot Court Competition, which draws teams from schools around the nation to downtown Buffalo to argue a tax-based problem.

President: Andrew DeMasters
Treasurer: Victoria Hahn
Public Relations Director: Kate Farrell
Desmond Competition Chair: Kate Hartman
Desmond Competition Judges Chair: Jessie Pyle 
Mugel Competition Chair: TBA
Mugel Competition Judges Chair: TBA
Wechsler Competition Chair: Eric Curtis
Wechsler Competition Judges Chair: Merrick Sadler

Adviser: George Kannar

Contact: Room 405, O'Brian Hall, 645-2037
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Buffalo Public Interest Law Program

The Buffalo Public Interest Law Program raises money to support students who work in the public interest each summer during law school.  BPILP also hosts networking events for students to meet public-interest employers from neighboring communities. The organization is affiliated with Lawyers for Learning and participates in the Student Bar Association’s Volunteer Service Days.

President: Corey Chapin
Vice President: Kelly Barrett
Co-Chairs of Fundraising:  Kelsey Garlock & Derek Kettner
Outreach Coordinator: Alex Verdi
Social Chair: Kate Farrell

Adviser: Lisa Patterson

Contact: Room 607, O'Brian Hall
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Canadian Law Students Association

Canadian Law Students Association (CLSA) is dedicated to making the transition of Canadian students to SUNY Buffalo Law School easier. CLSA facilitates the transition of students to the American legal system, provides mentorship, as well as information about employment and networking opportunities.  CLSA also educates Canadian students about the requirements and regulations regarding employment in America.

President: Mehwish Rasheed
Vice President: Ammad Rafiqi
Treasurer: Baber Rahim


Domestic Violence Task Force

The Domestic Violence Task Force (DVTF) strives to raise awareness and educate students, Law School staff and community members about domestic violence through various activities such as panel nights and information dissemination at events. Our organization holds an annual "Dress for What's Next" spring event for survivors of domestic violence. It is a relaxing day for the women filled with shopping, makeup lessons, resume drafting and practice interviews. This empowering day encourage domestic violence survivors to remember their worth and improve their self-esteem.

President: Shannon Howley
Vice Presidents:
Maisha Blakeney & Christina Gullo
Ariana Hoo
Gina Gramaglia
Outreach Coordinators: Nicole Komin & Kathy Oleszek

Contact: Room 604, O'Brian Hall

Enabling Justice

President: Matthew Smith
Vice President:
Francis Christiano
Maisha Blakeney

Advisor: Bernadette Gargano

Family and Children's Law Society (FCLS)

The Family and Children's Law Society (FCLS) provides students with an opportunity to shadow experienced Family Law attorneys in Erie County Family Court proceedings, perform client intakes, and observe other relevant appointments. In addition, the FCLS will offer mentors, contacts and networking events for students interested in the fields of family law and education law.  For those interested students, the FCLS will afford summer employment and year-round volunteer opportunities in the family and education law fields, specifically through Volunteer Lawyers Project.

President(s): Nicole Kousmanidis and Erica Pandolfo
Vice President: Erica Gasiewicz
Secretary: Jenna Turco
Treasurer: Aimee Hopkins

Advisor: Professor Susan V. Mangold

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Federalist Society

President: Kathryn Hartnett
Vice President: Michael Borruso
Treasurer: Artur Jagielski
Secretary: Jessica Fiorillo
Public Relations Coordinator: Molly Deacon

Finance and Law Society

The Finance and Law Society is a student organization that aims to help educate students on the convergence between the financial industry and the legal fields. Additionally, the group aims to connect students who are interested in working in the financial industry after graduation with professionals who work in the field. 

President: David Maystrovsky
Vice-President: Johnathon Ling
Treasurer: Ian Laing
Secretary: Scott Corathers

Frederick Douglass Moot Court Board

Administered by the National Black Law Students Association, the Frederick Douglass Moot Court Competition is the premier civil rights moot court competition in the nation. Each year, over 125 teams from schools from six regions compete at regional conventions for the chance to compete at the national level. SUNY Buffalo Law School has been a top contender and has won various awards such as Best Oral Advocate, Best Petitioner/Respondent Brief, and Second Runner-Up for the entire Northeast Region.

Chief Executive Justice: 
Caitlin O’Neil
Managing Executive Justice:
Todd Potter
Executive Fiscal Justice:
Samih Tayeh
Executive Communications Justice:
Mark Murphy
Executive Public Relations Justice:
Katherine Ellis

Contact: Room 405, O’Brian

Future Advocates In Training (FAIT)

Executive Chair: Aaron Fishkin
Advocacy Chair: Gabriella MacDonald & Gina Gramaglia
Financial Chair: Amanda Karpovich
Volunteer Coordinator: Brittany Maxon

Holistic Law Group

The Holistic Law Group educates and promotes the practice of law as a healthy, healing profession that is both beneficial and therapeutic for the client and fulfilling and rewarding for the practicing lawyer. The practice of law as a healing profession is a collaborative law movement that invites future practitioners to break down the polarization of the practice of law as either a complete focus on the client or merely a business of benefitting oneself in a material way. Through the development of proper skills, such as attentiveness and awareness, future attorneys will optimize their client satisfaction and their own in all areas of law. This is an organization for anyone who endeavors to learn more about the legal profession as a humanistic modem that truly impacts clients and practitioners. Through events and speakers, the student body and faculty will learn more about this permeating aspect of the practice of law.

President & Founder:
Ashley Ann Czechowski
Vice President: Joseph Lavoie
Secretary: Leah Bernhardi
Treasurer: Stephen Joyce
Director of Community Relations: 
Larry Waters & Christina Kennedy
Director of Faculty Relations: 
Kerry Battenfeld
Director of Fundraising: 
Alison Haseley

Advisor: Lindy Korn

International Law Students Association

The International Law Students Association, a branch of the national organization, is dedicated to promoting international law by providing students with the opportunities to study, research and network in the international legal arena. Activities include academic conferences, publications and participation in the annual Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition.

Co-President: Jessica Carbone
Co-President: Beatrice Ajaero
Co-Vice President: Amanda Howell
Co-Vice President: Jillian Nowak
Secretary: Emily Riordan
Treasurer: Mehwish Rasheed

Contact: Room 603, O'Brian Hall

Jessup International Moot Court Board

The Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition is the world's largest moot court competition, with participants from over 550 law schools in more than 80 countries. The Competition is a simulation of a fictional dispute between countries before the International Court of Justice, the judicial organ of the United Nations.

Executive Director: Stephanie Forman
Assistant Executive Director: Brittany Crowley
Financial Director: Amanda Webber
Administrative Director: Ammad Rafiqi

Contact: Room 405, O’Brian

Jewish Law Students Association

The Jewish Law Students Association provides events, programs and other activities of Jewish interest. Activities include catered Shabbat dinners, holiday-related events and celebrations, bar nights, ethnic Jewish food sales and guest speakers.

President: Maxwell Cohen
Vice President:
Michael Pantzer
Treasurer: Aaron Jacobson
Secretary: Danielle Silas

Adviser: Ilene R. Fleischmann

Contact: Room 603, O'Brian Hall
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Labor & Employment Relations Society

The Labor and Employment Relations Society (LERS) helps students expand their understanding of the labor and employment field by hosting speakers and networking with the legal community.  Students who are interested in labor, employment or corporate law are encouraged to join to take advantage of the invaluable experiences the society offers.

President: Luke Kalamas
Vice President: Joseph Smith
Treasurer: Anthony Kuhn
Director of Internal Affairs:
Brian Towey
Director of External Affairs:
Megan Barth
Speaker Series Coordinator:
Katelyn Lyon
Law & Business Luncheon Coordinator:
Samantha Chmura

Contact: Room 603, O'Brian Hall

Latin American Law Students Association

The Latin American Law Students Association (LALSA) supports its wide variety of members and is committed to the advancement of minorities in the legal profession. LALSA welcomes students of all backgrounds and seeks to create a local network for students of color, Latino students in particular, as well as a partnership between the legal community and the Latin community. Above all, LALSA is dedicated to the academic success of its members.

President: Yineska Guerrero
Vice President:
Anaiss Rijo
Jessica Diaz
: Michelle Santiago

Contact: Room 603, O'Brian Hall
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National Lawyers Guild

National Lawyers Guild is dedicated to the need for basic change in the structure of our political and economic system. The NLG seeks to unite the lawyers, law students, legal workers and jailhouse lawyers to function as an effective force in the service of the people.

Co-Directors: Kaileen Balzano, Ralph Tolbert, Mathew John
Secretary: Eric Curtis
Treasurer: Merrick Sadler
NLG Liason: Ben Nelson


OUTLaw promotes a positive atmosphere at SUNY Buffalo Law School for LGBT students and their allies. Our primary objective is to educate our colleagues about the legal issues surrounding sexual orientation and gender identity. OUTLaw sponsors activities, panels, social events and service projects that build a network for members and supporters of the LGBT legal community.

President: Anastasia Stumpf
Vice President:
Jessica Diaz
: Erica Pandolfo
Secretary: Julian Purdy

Adviser: Michael Boucai

Contact: Room 603, O'Brian Hall
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Phi Alpha Delta

Phi Alpha Delta (PAD), the largest professional coed law fraternity in the nation, is open to all students. PAD hosts academic, community service, professional and social events each semester, including its own national mock trial competition. Additional benefits include lifetime membership and a nationwide alumni networking system.

Justice:  Megan R. Hartl
Vice Justice: Bryan Forbes
Clerk: Katherine Peterson
Treasurer: Brittany Maxon
Marshal:  Christine Sullivan

Advisor: Patrick Long

Contact: Room 603
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Prison Task Force

The Prison Task Force provides an eight-week course in legal research and writing to inmates, which allows them to take a Department of Corrections exam qualifying them to serve as law librarians/clerks in the facility. PTF also collaborates with other law school organizations to educate the public about important legal issues in the criminal justice system.  The organization also raises funds to pay for the costs of having teacher and student manuals printed, and to reimburse transportation costs.

President: Jeffrey Hartman
Vice President: Shannon Howley
Secretary: Jessica Carbone
Treasurer: Dave Rudroff

Sports & Entertainment Law Society

President / Director of Alumni Outreach: Nicholas D'Angelo
Vice President of Entertainment / Social Media Editor: George Brown Jr.
Vice President of Sports: Daniel Muscarella
Treasurer / Secretary: CJ Cook
Director of Communications: Ashley Pascuzzi

Student Bar Association

The Student Bar Association is the elected body that represents student interests at SUNY Buffalo Law School. SBA provides information for current students, organizations, alumni and general audiences seeking a glimpse into life at the Law School.

President: Rachael Pelletter
Vice President: Erica Pandolfo
Parliamentarian: Andrew DeMasters
Treasurer: Kathryn Hartnett

Contact: Room 207


President: Marc Smith
Treasurer: Joseph Todoro

Veteran’s Law Student Association

The Veteran’s Law Student Association helps students expand their understanding of the emerging field of Veteran’s law and introduce's them to a network of attorneys in private and public practice, as well as U.S. Military J.A.G. programs, other National defense related fields. This is an organization for anyone who is interested in learning about what it takes to succeed in the complex area of veteran and military law through hands on techniques as well as meeting experts from all over the nation.

Founder/CO: Matthew Smith
Founder/CO: Dennis Davis
Treasure/Tech Sergeant: Misha Blakney
Secretary/ Sergeant at Arms: Kevin Canizzaro

Women of SUNY Buffalo Law School (WSBL)

WSBL was created for the educational and professional advancement of the women of SUNY Buffalo Law School, and it welcomes all students (male or female) to participate in achieving that goal. It was founded upon the fundamental belief that female law students are an invaluable part of the Buffalo law school community, and this organization intends to provide a supportive network of women to further its aims and objectives.

Co-Presidents: Anastasia Stumpf
and Anna McCarthy
Treasurer: Nadeen Bawab
Secretary: Kathryn Hartnett
Academic Outreach Chair:
Andrea DiLugio
Community Outreach Chair:
Kristen Flick
Liaisons to the Women's Bar:
Caitlin O'Neil and Maisha Blakeney

Co-Advisors: Melinda Saran and Lisa Patterson