Faculty Stories

Read more to learn about our faculty’s work and accomplishments while at the School of Law.

SUNY Distinguished Service Professor David Engel will accept the Harry J. Kalven Jr. Prize, the Law & Society Association's highest honor in recognition of his long and continuing work in interdisciplinary legal studies at their annual meeting in Mexico City.
With his election as chair of a major international-law organization, Professor Makau W. Mutua is taking the next step in a lifetime’s work in support of the rule of law.

Co-author Professor Jessica Owley thinks that good ideas in environmental law just might work in the real world.

Samantha Barbas' latest book examines the first Supreme Court case to weigh the right of privacy versus freedom of the press.

A new book by Professor David Engel, The Myth of the Litigious Society: Why We Don’t Sue, debunks the commonly held belief that injured Americans have their attorney on speed-dial.