Press Mentions

"They were put on notice that jail management in Erie County lied about the manner in which an inmate was severely injured - in order to avoid being investigated by the Commission of Correction. That should raise a red flag to the COC that this needs investigating immediately."

Lecturer Nan Haynes – Buffalo News

"There's really at this point nothing the Trump administration can do short of withdrawing the order entirely. The problem is just the statements that he had made on the campaign trail surrounding this particular issue, and those statements can't be taken back."

Professor Rick Su - WBEN

"The governance of the U.S. economy has to a surprising degree become a matter of grace: the nation now relies on a small elite to make good decisions on its behalf..."

Professor David Westbrook - BloombergView.

"Looking at the gender impact of all policies that are taken by all agencies and departments and then, on the basis of that gender analysis, to then put together a plan of action on how we are going to address the gender inequities that are identified through the data-driven gender analysis."

Professor Tara Melish - WBFO.