Press Mentions

"The argument that's being made [by some lawyers] is that providing dirt on Hillary Clinton is a thing of value. It is a thing of value, but I don't think it's the kind of thing that a campaign finance statute is aimed at regulating."

Professor James Gardner, NBC News

“Public confidence in the media is at an all-time low, people are more sensitive about their reputations and more protective of their privacy. When you have those things, people feel bolder about taking the media on.”

Professor Samantha Barbas, The Guardian

“Unions provide a mediating function,” he said. “Their social-capital function creates ties that reduce anomie and the sense of being abandoned and forgotten.”

Associate Professor Matthew Dimick, The Atlantic

“It seems slightly interesting that the state is going to take responsibility for that. A lot of it is up to the attorney general. That itself is unique; that itself is a recognition that the rule of local enforcement in this case can be problematic.”

Professor Rick Su - The Atlantic

"The courts have generally said that it is OK, that this is not double jeopardy and not unconstitutional because it’s treatment and not punishment. In my experience it is punishment; these men are locked up."

Professor Charles P. Ewing on civil commitment  – Iohud