Press Mentions

“It’s one of several cases where tech companies are stepping in to protect their users’ privacy. It’s the tech companies that are sort of holding the government’s feet to the fire with respect to complying with the privacy laws that exist.”

Assistant Clinical Professor Jonathan Manes – Yahoo Finance

“If television becomes yet another site of individual targeting – like social media and online browsing – something will be lost. The Super Bowl, the event that seemingly brings the country together once a year, may become yet another media experience that cloisters us in our own digital bubbles.”

Professor Mark Bartholomew, The Conversation

“This time around, the NFL seems like it isn’t just tolerating what’s happening but it’s also encouraging and taking an active role in the effort to attain justice and equality. I hope this is the beginning of a very broad movement.”

Teaching Faculty Helen "Nellie" Drew - WIVB

“Students have recognized a new part of themselves, a new part of what it means to be a lawyer. Our plan and hope is to offer this clinic in the future so that future UB law students can continue the work of building a resilient Puerto Rico.”

Professor Kim Diana Connolly – New York Law Journal