Press Mentions

"Some might shrug, calling the ad creep an inevitable part of modern life. But there are dangers to this trend, along with legal remedies – if people care enough to actually do something."

Professor Mark Bartholomew – Huffington Post

"If you take the Department of Justice at their word, then there should be no need for the executive order. . . . You’re essentially saying that the president signed a document which is meant to do nothing."

Professor Rick Su - The Washington Post

"… a government may be regarded as legitimate only when it is the government to which the people have consented. Interference with electoral processes thus casts doubt not only on the accuracy of the outcome but on the very legitimacy of the government’s claim to hold and exercise power."

Interim Dean James A. Gardner – Huffington Post

"They were put on notice that jail management in Erie County lied about the manner in which an inmate was severely injured - in order to avoid being investigated by the Commission of Correction. That should raise a red flag to the COC that this needs investigating immediately."

Lecturer Nan Haynes – Buffalo News