Press Mentions

"These are things we need to talk about in this state. We need to have a conversation about our government, and not just a conversation that's aimed at complaining about the way things are, but a conversation aimed at figuring out how to improve things. And a convention will do that."

Prof. James Gardner –

"If Russians are buying ads that promote fake news, but do not advocate for or against any particular candidate, that is not illegal. And the problems it raises are not distinct from the problems raised by anyone using Facebook or any other media platform to propagate falsehoods in the hope of influencing public opinion.”

- Prof. James Gardner, Business Insider

“The court has said repeatedly that disclosure of the identity of donors improves the quality of electoral decision-making by informing voters who supports candidates, and thus to whom they may be beholden."

Professor James Gardner, The Washington Post

“It would put Buffalo on the map as a statewide and national leader in the fight for gender rights as human rights. It’s our time, Buffalo.”

Professor Tara Melish, The Buffalo News: Another Voice