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Press Mentions

12/02/16 - An article in the Buffalo Law Journal about two proposed mega mergers being litigated that would be game changers for the health insurance industry and those being served by the companies involved quotes Professor Christine Bartholomew who said that considering how a merger affects consumers is the top priority of the Department of Justice.

“Anytime you have one of these consolidations where you’ll have fewer players involved, there is real reason to be concerned about competition,” she said.

11/30/16 - A story on WNYC-FM, about a case scheduled to go before the U.S. Supreme Court in January to determine whether the detentions of Muslim men in the months after 9/11 were constitutional interviews Professor Anji Malhotra who said the outcome could determine whether Donald Trump is able to move forward on some of his most controversial proposals, such as a national Muslim registry or waterboarding.

“This case is of paramount importance because we're in another era where our president-elect is invoking national security to justify extremely dangerous and unprecedented tactics that specifically target Muslims, target Mexicans, that target people based on race and religion.”

11/27/16 - An article in the New York Times about cities that vow to fight Donald Trump on his campaign promise to deport millions of undocumented immigrants, even at the risk of losing millions of dollars in federal assistance to their municipalities, quoted Professor Rick Su.

11/23/16 - A story on WIVB-TV about how to avoid conflict and hard feelings during political discussions on Thanksgiving interviewed Vice Provost Teresa Miller who said being in tune with social cues is imperative in order to know whether or not to keep the conversation going.

11/18/16 - A front page story in The Buffalo News about the dramatic changes that are expected to impact some of the nation’s most contentious issues as a result of the election of Donald Trump quoted Professor Meredith Kolsky Lewis who said Trump could opt out of NAFTA with six months notification to participants.

The article also quoted Professor Lucinda Finley who said it would be really difficult to challenge the 2015 Supreme Court ruling that states could not ban same-sex marriages, because someone would have to claim they were harmed by marriage equality.

11/14/16 - New York Times quoted Assistant Clinical Prof. & Director of the Community Justice Clinic Nicole Hallett in an article about immigration enforcement agents who arrested 24 undocumented workers and the owner of the four restaurants in the Buffalo area in which they were employed.

“If you are concerned about the exploitation of workers, you should not be prosecuting or deporting worker victims, because that discourages workers from coming forward in situations where they are being exploited.”

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