US Court of Appeals Judge Julio M. Fuentes ‘75 with a team of UB law interns.

US Court of Appeals Judge Julio M. Fuentes ‘75 with a team of UB School of Law interns.

Externships & Judicial Externships

Externships and Judicial Externships provide law students with unique legal and public service experience as they work in a variety of government and non-profit organizations.

The School of Law offers more than fifty externships and judicial externships to students each semester for academic credit. These externships provide enriching opportunities for law students to directly observe the real world practice of law. 

Second and third year law students can apply to work with practicing attorneys in various government and non-profit agencies where they provide legal work, deal with clients, and observe real attorneys in every aspect of practice. Alternatively, third-year students can extern for one of our many state and federal court judges locally.

The externship program teaches real legal skills and provides law students the opportunity to begin creating their professional network and develop their careers well in advance of graduation. 

In addition, law students can fulfill the New York State bar pro bono requirements by completing an externship.

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“There is never a boring day. There is hardly ever a boring case! You leave court each day with amazing perspective and the ability to be grateful.” - Third-year student completing their judicial externships

“My externship helped me to further develop my professional skills and to build my professional network. I had the opportunity to work with several excellent attorneys and do real meaningful work.” - Extern for the NYS Attorney General’s office