Danielle J. Barrett '07, Bruce Steiner '75, and Vice Dean for Career Services Lisa M. Patterson

Career Services for Law Alumni

The CSO provides additional assistance to alumni who continue to search or who want to change jobs.

Alumni have free and continuous access to our online job bank. The CSO also assists alumni in recruiting new legal talent, including interview arrangements, resume collections, and job postings.

Job Searching?

The Career Services Office recognizes all our alumni as our constituents. Whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned attorney, the CSO is here to support your career goals. All services offered to our students continue to be available to you including one-on-one counseling, reference resources, resume and cover letter review, job postings and more.

CSO's Online Job Bank - If you do not already have a password for 12Twenty, contact CSO (law-careers@buffalo.edu). Please provide your class year or graduation date and appropriate email address to be used with your account.

Looking to Hire?

Law alumni tend to return to their alma mater to recruit new legal talent. Let the Career Services Office advertise your open positions to our students and alumni. We offer several services free of charge to employers, from interview arrangements to resume collections to job postings.

If you would like to discuss a hiring opportunity, please call Marc Davies (mrdavies@buffalo.edu).