Matthew Dimick


Research Focus: Research Focus: Labor and Employment Law, Taxation, Tax Policy, Law and Economics, Empirical Legal Studies, Political Economy of Income Inequality

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618 O'Brian Hall, North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-1100
Phone: 716-645-7968

Faculty Assistant: Anita M. Gesel

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Journal Articles

Law and the Labor Movement, CATALYST (forthcoming)

The Law and Economics of Redistribution, ANNUAL REVIEW OF LAW & SOCIAL SCIENCE (forthcoming 2019)

Models of Other-Regarding Preferences, Inequality and Redistribution (with D. Rueda and D. Stegmueller) ANNAUAL REVIEW OF POLICITAL SCIENCE VO. 21:441-460 (2018)

Better than Basic Income? Liberty, Equality, and the Regulation of Working Time, INDIANA LAW REVIEW vol. 50:473 (2017)

Should the Law Do Anything About Economic Inequality?, CORNELL JOURNAL OF LAW AND PUBLIC POLICY vol. 26 (2016)

Wage-Setting Institutions and Corporate Governance (with Neel Rao), JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE ECONOMICS (2016)

Lords and Order: Credible Rulers and State Failure, RATIONALITY & SOCIETY vol. 27 : 161-194 (2015)  

Productive Unionism, UC IRVINE LAW REVIEW, vol. 4: 1 (2014)
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Compensation, Employment Security, and the Economics of Public Sector Labor Law, THE UNIVERSITY OF TOLEDO LAW REVIEW vol. 43: 533-561 (2012) (invited contribution for “Public Sector Labor Law at the Crossroads” symposium)
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Labor Law, New Governance, and the Ghent System, NORTH CAROLINA LAW REVIEW vol. 90: 319 (2012)
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Maybe it's a Relic, but the Union Model is Essential,, Feb. 25, 2011

Revitalizing Union Democracy: Labor Law, Bureaucracy, and Workplace Association, DENVER UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW vol. 88: 1 (2010)
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Book Chapters

A Profession of Its Own: The Rise of Health Information Professionals in American Healthcare, MEDICAL PROFESSIONALISM IN THE NEW INFORMATION AGE (Rutgers University Press: 2010) p. 132
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Review of VARIETIES OF LIBERALIZATION AND THE NEW POLITICS OF SOCIAL SOLIDARITY by Kathleen Thelen, Contemporary Society, vol. 45 p. 93 (2016)