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Faculty and Research

Areas of Faculty Research & Interest

Our Law Faculty's scholarship is published widely, bringing a wealth of practice and policy experience to SUNY Buffalo Law. Visit their individual profile pages to learn more about each faculty member's scholarship.


Administrative Law - Bernstein, Connolly, Meidinger, Owley

Advertising Law - Bartholomew

African-American Legal History - Phillips

American Legal History - Konefsky, Steinfeld

Animal Cruelty Laws - Chiesa

Animal Studies - Braverman

Anthropology of Law - French, Taussig-Rubbo

Asian Legal Cultures - Bernstein, Engel, French


Bankruptcy - Brown

Business Law - Brown 


Child Protection Law - Mangold

Civil Litigation - Halberstam

Civil Procedure - Olsen, Steilen

Civil Rights - McCluskey, Mutua, A., Olsen

Class and Economic Inequality - Mutua, A.

Clinical Legal Education - Connolly

Common Law, History of - Steilen

Community Development - Olsen

Comparative Law - French, Taussig-Rubbo

Comparative Constitutional Law - Melish

Comparative Corporate Governance and Civil Procedure - Halberstam

Comparative Adjudication Standards - Melish

Complex Litigation - Steilen

Conflict of Laws - Phillips

Constitutional History - Konefsky, Steinfeld

Constitutional Law - Boucai, Malhotra, Mutua, A., O’Rourke, Taussig-Rubbo

Constitutional Structure of Politics - Gardner

Constitution-Making - Mutua, M.

Contracts - Taussig-Rubbo

Corporate Finance —Schlegel, Westbrook

Corporate Taxation - Lazar

Corporations - Dimick, Halberstam, Mutua, A., Westbrook

Courts and Public Policy - Mather

Criminal Law - Binder, Boucai, Chiesa, Ewing, O’Rourke, Taussig-Rubbo

Criminal Procedure - Chiesa, Miller, O’Rourke

Criminal Punishment Theory - Miller

Critical Legal Studies - McCluskey

Critical Race Theory - Mutua, A., Phillips

Cyberlaw - Bartholomew


Democracy, Law of - Halberstam

Disability Law - McCluskey

Dispute Settlement - Lewis

Domestic Violence - Marcus

Due Process - Steilen


Economic Redevelopment of Rust Belt Cities - Schlegel

Economic, Social & Cultural Rights - Melish

Electronic Discovery - Milles

Empirical Legal Studies - Dimick

Employee Benefit Plans - Wooten

Employment Discrimination - Avery

Employment Law - Avery, Dimick, McCluskey

Energy Law - McCluskey

Environmental Law - Connolly, Meidinger, Olsen, Owley

Equality and Access to Justice - Malhotra


Family Law - Boucai, Mangold, Marcus, McCluskey

Federal Indian Law - Owley

Federal Jurisdiction - Bernstein

Federalism - Gardner

Feminist Legal Theory - French, McCluskey, Mutua, A.

Finance - Westbrook

First Amendment - Barbas

Forensic Psychology - Ewing

Fourteenth Amendment - Mutua, A.

Free Trade Agreements - Lewis 


Gender and Law - Avery, Marcus, McCluskey, Mutua, A.

Government Ethics - McCluskey 


Human Rights - Marcus, Mutua, M. 


Immigration Law - Malhotra, Miller, Su

Indigenous Peoples’ Law - Meidinger

Information Privacy - Milles

Insurance and the Law - McCluskey

Intellectual Property - Bartholomew, French, Reis

International Business Transactions/Economic Law - Meidinger, Mutua, M.

International Economic Law - Lewis

International Environmental Law - Meidinger

International Human Rights - Malhotra, Marcus, Melish, Mutua, M.

International Law and Globalization - Connolly, Meidinger, Mutua, M., Westbrook

International Trade and Environment - Meidinger

International Trade Law - Lewis

International Women’s Human Rights - Marcus


Jurisprudence - Binder, Chiesa

Juvenile Law - Mangold


Labor Law - Avery, Dimick

Law and Cognitive Science - Milles

Law and Democratic Theory - Gardner, Meidinger

Law and Digital Media - Milles

Law and Documentary Studies - Miller

Law and Economics - Dimick, Halberstam, McCluskey

Law and Geography - Braverman

Law and Literature - Binder

Law and Religion - French, Phillips

Law and Science - Braverman, Connolly, Reis

Law and Sexuality - Boucai

Law and Social Science - Braverman, Connolly, Engel, Ewing, French, Mather, Meidinger, Reis, Taussig-Rubbo

Law and Society - Bernstein, Braverman, Engel, French, Mather, Meidinger, Taussig-Rubbo

Law and the Sociology of Knowledge - Bernstein

Law and Technology - Reis

Legal Education - Connolly

Legal Ethics - Mather, Milles

Legal Ethnography - Braverman, Engel, French

Legal History - Barbas, Bartholomew, Boucai, Konefsky, Steinfeld, Wooten

Legal History of the American Economy - Schlegel

Legal Profession - Mather

Legal Theory - Halberstam, Meidinger, O’Rourke

Legislation - Connolly, O’Rourke, Owley, Wooten

Local Government - Reis, Su


Mass Media Law - Barbas

Mass Tort - Brown

Mental Health Professionals and National Security and Safety - Ewing

Mindfulness and Law - Phillips


Natural Resources Law - Connolly, Meidinger, Owley


Occupational Safety and Health - McCluskey

Online Speech - Milles


Partnership Taxation - Lazar

Political Economy and Social Theory - Westbrook

Post-Colonialism - Mutua, M.

Post-Conflict Societies - Mutua, M.

Post-Conviction Remedies - Olsen

Presidency, The - Steilen

Prisoner Law - Miller

Professional Ethics - Ewing, Milles

Property - French, Meidinger, Owley, Steinfeld

Public International Law - Melish, Mutua, M.


Race and the Law - McCluskey

Real Estate Transactions - Reis

Regulation - McCluskey

Remedies - Marcus

Retirement Policy - Wooten

Rights Consciousness - Engel


Science and Technology - Braverman

Separation of Powers - Steilen

Social and Political Theory - Taussig-Rubbo

Sociology of Law - Meidinger

State Constitutional Law - Gardner

State Reconstruction - Mutua, M.

Statutory Interpretation - Mather, O’Rourke, Owley


Tax Policy - Lazar

Taxation - Lazar, Wooten

Third World Approaches to International Law TWAIL - Mutua, M.

Torts - Chiesa, Engel

Transitional Justice - Mutua, M. 

V & W

Violent Behavior - Ewing

Welfare Law - McCluskey

Women and the Law - Avery, Marcus, McCluskey, Mutua, A.

World Trade Organization Law - Lewis