Research & Areas of Interest

Our law faculty's scholarship is published widely, bringing a wealth of practice and policy experience to the School of Law. Visit their individual profile pages to learn more about each faculty member's scholarship.

Subject Areas: A-H Subject Areas: I-Z


Administrative Law - Abraham, Connolly, Semet
Advertising Law - Bartholomew, M.
American Economy - Schlegel
American Legal Realism - Schlegel
Animal Law/Studies - Braverman, Chiesa
Anthropology of Law - French, Taussig-Rubbo
Antitrust - Bartholomew, C.
Asian Legal Cultures/Buddhism and Law - French


Bankruptcy - Brown
Business Associations - Hare, Mutua, A.
Business Law - Brown


Civil Liberties - Abraham
Civil Procedure - Abraham, Bartholomew, C., Semet
Civil Rights Law - Abraham, Mutua, A.,
Clinical Legal Education - Abraham, Connolly
Commercial Law - Abramovsky
Common Law - Black
          History of – SteilenComparative Law - French, Taussig-Rubbo
Comparative Law - French, Farinacci-Fernós, Linden-Retek Constitutional History - Steilen
Conflict of Laws - Monestier
Constitutional Law - Abraham, Boucai, Gardner, Harrington, Linden-Retek,  Mutua, A., O’Rourke, Semet, Steilen, Taussig-Rubbo
         Constitutional Structure of Politics - Gardner
         Constitution-Making - Mutua, M.
        First Amendment - Barbas, Finley
        State Constitutional Law - Gardner 
Consumer Protection - Bartholomew, C.
Contracts - Dimick,  Monestier, Taussig-Rubbo
Corporate Finance - Schlegel, Westbrook
Corporate Law - Mutua, A., Westbrook
Corporations and Capital Markets - Westbrook
Criminal Law - Binder, Boucai, Chiesa, Harrington, Newell, O’Rourke, Taussig-Rubbo
Criminal Procedure - Chiesa, Harrington, Newell, O’Rourke
Critical Political & Social Theory - Linden-Retek 
Critical Race Theory - Mutua, A.
Cyberlaw - Bartholomew, M.


Democratic Theory, Law and - Gardner
Development, Law and - Ayano
Disability Law - Abraham
Domestic Violence - Olin


Economics, Law and - Dimick
          Economic Redevelopment - Schlegel
          Political Economy and Social Theory - Mutua, A., Westbrook
Election Law - Gardner
Electronic Discovery - Milles
Empirical Legal Studies — Semet
Employment Law — Dimick, Hare
         Employee Benefit Plans — Wooten
         Retirement Policy — Wooten
Energy Law - Ayano
Environmental Law - Connolly
         Environmental Law and Technology - Westbrook
Equal Protection Law and Equality Theory - Finley
          Legal Ethics — Abramovsky, Milles
European Union Law — Linden-Retek
Evidence — Bartholomew, C., Newell


Fair Housing - Abraham
Family Law - Boucai, Olin
Federal Courts - Abraham
Federalism - Gardner
Feminist Legal Theory - Finley
Free Trade Agreements - Lewis


Gender and Law - Boucai, Finley
Genetics, Law and - Braverman
Geography, Law and - Braverman
Globalization - Ayano, Westbrook


Human Rights - Ayano, Melish, Mutua, M.