Research & Areas of Interest

Our law faculty's scholarship is published widely, bringing a wealth of practice and policy experience to the School of Law. Visit their individual profile pages to learn more about each faculty member's scholarship.

Subject Areas: A-H Subject Areas: I-Z


Immigration Law - Ayano
Income Tax - Dimick
Indigenous Topics - Chapman
Information Privacy - Milles
Inequality, Law and - Black
Insurance Law - Abramovsky
Intellectual Property - Bartholomew, M., Semet
          Business Transactions -  Mutua, M.
         Dispute Settlement - Lewis
         Economic Law - Lewis
         Globalization - Connolly, Mutua, M., Westbrook
         Human Rights - Linden-Retek, Melish, Mutua, M.
         Public International Law - Mutua, M.
         Trade Law - Lewis


Jurisprudence - Binder, Chiesa
Juvenile Justice - Harrington, Newell


Labor Law - Dimick
Law Libraries and Law Librarians - Adelman
Legal Education - Connolly
Legal Ethics - Abramovsky, Milles
Legal Ethnography - Braverman, Engel
Legal History - Barbas, Bartholomew, M., Black, Boucai, Steilen, Wooten
          The American Economy - Schlegel
Legal Reasoning - Black, Hare
Legal Research (and Writing) - Adelman, Beatty, Chapman, Detweiler, Newell
Legal Scholarship - Beatty
Legal Technology - Beatty , Detweiler
Legal Theory - Dimick, Fabra-Zamora,  O’Rourke, Steilen
Legislation - Abraham, Connolly, O’Rourke, Semet, Wooten
Literature, Law and - Binder, Linden-Retek


Mass Media Law — Barbas
Mindfulness and Law — Chiesa 


Native Sovereignty - Chapman
Natural Resources Law - Ayano, Braverman, Connolly
Neuroscience, Law and - Bartholomew, M. 


Online Speech - Milles


Palestine/Israel - Braverman
Patent Law - Semet
Post-Colonialism - Mutua, M.
Post-Conflict Societies - Mutua, M.
Prisoners’ Rights - Harrington
Property Law - Abraham, Ayano, French, Semet
Protest Activity - Finley


Race and the Law - Abraham
Refugee and Asylum Law - Linden-Retek
Regulation - Abramovsky,
Religion, Law and - French
Remedies - Bartholomew, C.
Reproductive Rights - Finley


Sales - Monestier
Science, Law and - Braverman, Connolly
Science and Technology - Braverman
Securities Regulation - Hare
Sentencing & Parole - Harrington
Sexuality, Law and - Boucai
Social Science, Law and - Connolly, French, Semet
Society/Social Policy, Law and - Braverman, Engel, French
State Reconstruction - Mutua, M. 
Statutory Interpretation - O’Rourke 


Tax Policy - Dimick
Taxation - Dimick, Wooten
Third World Approaches to International Law (TWAIL) - Mutua, M.
Technology, Law and - Bartholomew, M.
Tort Law - Chiesa, Engel, Finley
Transformations of Sovereignty - Linden-Retek
Transitional Justice -Mutua, M. 
Transnational Litigation - Monestier


World Trade Organization Law - Lewis