Research & Areas of Interest

Our law faculty's scholarship is published widely, bringing a wealth of practice and policy experience to the School of Law. Visit their individual profile pages to learn more about each faculty member's scholarship.



Immigration Law - HallettSu
Income Tax - Dimick
Indigenous Peoples’ Law - Meidinger
Information Privacy - ManesMilles
Insurance Law - AbramovskyMcCluskey
Intellectual Property - Bartholomew, M.
International Business Transactions - MeidingerMutua, M.
International Dispute Settlement - Lewis
International Economic Law - Lewis
International Environmental Law - Meidinger
International Human Rights - MarcusMutua, M.
International Law and Globalization - ConnollyMeidingerMutua, M.Westbrook
International Trade and Environment - Meidinger
International Trade Law - Lewis
International Women’s Human Rights - Marcus
Israel /Palestine - Braverman


Jurisdiction - Bernstein
Jurisprudence - BinderChiesa


Labor and Employment Law - Dimick
Law and Democratic Theory - Gardner
Law and Economics - DimickMcCluskey
Law and Genetics - Braverman
Law and Geography - Braverman
Law and Literature - Binder
Law and Narrative - Paskey
Law and Religion - FrenchPhillips
Law and Rhetoric - Paskey
Law and Science - BravermanConnolly
Law and Sexuality - Boucai
Law and Social Movements - Hallett
Law and Social Science - BravermanConnollyFrench
Law and Society - BernsteinBravermanEngelFrench
Legal Education - Connolly
Legal Ethics - AbramovskyMilles
Legal Ethnography - BravermanEngel
Legal History - BarbasBartholomew, M.BoucaiWooten
Legal History of the American Economy - Schlegel
Legal Theory - MeidingerO’RourkeSteilen
Legislation - ConnollyO’Rourke, Wooten


Mass Media Law - Barbas
Mass Tort - Brown
Mindfulness and Law - Phillips


National Security Law - Manes
Natural Resources Law - BravermanConnollyMeidinger


Occupational Safety and Health - McCluskey
Online Speech - Milles


Political Economy and Social Theory - Westbrook
Post-Colonialism - Mutua, M.
Post-Conflict Societies - Mutua, M.
Property Law - French
Protest Activity - Finley 
Public International Law - Mutua, M.


Race and the Law - McCluskey
Refugee and Asylum Law - Paskey
Regulation - McCluskeyMutua, A.
Regulation of Financial Entities - Abramovsky
Remedies - Bartholomew, C.Marcus
Reproductive Rights - Finley 
Retirement Policy - Wooten
Rights Consciousness - Engel


Science and Technology - Braverman
Social and Political Theory - Taussig-Rubbo
Sociology of Law - Meidinger
State Constitutional Law - Gardner
State Reconstruction - Mutua, M.
Statutory Interpretation - O’Rourke


Tax Policy - Dimick
Taxation - DimickWooten
Technology Law - Manes
Third World Approaches to International Law (TWAIL) - Mutua, M.
Tort Law - ChiesaEngelFinley 
Transitional Justice - Mutua, M.
Transparency Law - Manes


Welfare Law - McCluskey
Women and the Law - MarcusMcCluskeyMutua, A.
Workplace Law - Hallett
World Trade Organization Law - Lewis