Meredith Kolsky Lewis

Professor; Vice Dean for International and Graduate Programs; Director of the Cross-Border Legal Studies Center

Research Focus: Dispute Settlement; Free Trade Agreements; International Economic Law; International Trade Law; World Trade Organization Law

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Contact Information

719 O'Brian Hall, North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-1100
Phone: 716-645-1631

Faculty Assistant: Deborah L. Nasisi



Trade Agreements at the Crossroads (with Susy Frankel, eds.) (Routledge: 2014)
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International Economic Law and National Autonomy (with Susy Frankel, eds.) (Cambridge University Press: 2010)
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International Business Law (with B. Mercurio, L. Trakman, and B. Zeller, eds.) (Oxford University Press: 2009)
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Journal Articles

Human Rights Provisions in Free Trade Agreements: Do the Ends Justify the Means? Loyola University CHICAGO INTERNATIONAL LAW REVIEW (2015)
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Food Miles: Environmental Protection or Disguised Protectionism? (with Andrew Mitchell) MICHIGAN JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL LAW vol. 35: 579 (2014)
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The TPP and the RCEP (ASEAN + 6) as Potential Paths Toward Deeper Asian Economic Integration, ASIAN JOURNAL OF WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATIONS AND INTERNATIONAL HEALTH LAW AND POLICY vol. 8: 351 (2013)
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Dissent as Dialectic: Horizontal and Vertical Disagreement in WTO Dispute Settlement, STANFORD JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL LAW vol. 48: 1 (2012)
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The Trans-Pacific Partnership: New Paradigm of Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, BOSTON COLLEGE INTERNATIONAL AND COMPARATIVE LAW REVIEW vol. 34: 27-52 (2011)
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The Prisoners' Dilemma Posed by Free Trade Agreements: Can Open Access Provisions Provide an Escape, CHICAGO JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL LAW vol. 11(2): 631-661 (2010)
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Expanding the P-4 Trade Agreement into a Broader Trans-Pacific Partnership: Implications, Risks and Opportunities, ASIAN JOURNAL OF WTO AND INTERNATIONAL HEALTH LAW AND POLICY vol. 4: 401 (2009)
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The EU's Protectionism Problem, GEORGETOWN JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS vol. 10: 23 (2009)
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WTO Winners and Losers: The Trade and Development Disconnect, GEORGETOWN JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL LAW vol. 39: 165 (2007)
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The Lack of Dissent in WTO Dispute Settlement, JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC LAW vol. 9:  895 (2006)
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Trade Special Issue: Foreward, VICTORIA UNIVERSITY OF WELLINGTON LAW REVIEW vol. 37: 339 (2006)
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Comments on Luke Nottage's Paper, VICTORIA UNIVERSITY OF WELLINGTON LAW REVIEW vol. 36: 859 (2005)
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Good News for New Zealand Wineries? The Potential Impact of Granholm v Heald, NEW ZEALAND BUSINESS LAW QUARTERLY vol. 11: 426 (2005)

The Free Trade Agreement Paradox, NEW ZEALAND UNIVERSITIES LAW REVIEW vol. 21: 554 (2005)

Note, Justice William Johnson and the History of Supreme Court Dissent, GEORGETOWN LAW JOURNAL  vol. 83: 2069  (1995)
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Book Chapters

When Popular Decisions Rest on Shaky Foundations: Implications of Selected WTO Appellate Body Jurisprudence in INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC LAW AND GOVERNANCE: ESSAYS IN HONOUR OF MITSUO MATSUSHITA (Julien Chaisse and Tsai-yu Lin, eds.) (Oxford University Press, 2016)

The TPP as a Potential New Paradigm for Trade Agreements: Implications and Opportunities (translated into Spanish), EL TLCAN FRENTE A NUEVAS NEGOCIACIONES COMERCIALES REGIONALES: EL TPP Y EL TTIP (María Celia Toro Hernández, ed.) (2016)

International Political Economy and the Prisoner’s Dilemma: Compliance with International Law,THE POLITICAL ECONOMY OF INTERNATIONAL LAW: A EUROPEAN PERSPECTIVE (Alberta Fabricotti, ed.) (Edward Elgar:   2016) p. 178
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The ASEAN – Australia / New Zealand FTA in BILATERAL AND REGIONAL TRADE AGREEMENTS: CASE STUDIES (Lorand Bartels, Simon Lester and Bryan Mercurio, editors)(Cambridge University Press, 2nd edition, 2016)
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The United States' Path to Concluding the Trans-Pacific Partnership: Will TPA + TAA = TPP?,EUROPEAN YEARBOOK OF INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC LAW (Bungenberg, M., Herrmann, C., Krajewski, M., Terhechte, J.P., ed.) (Springer: 2016) vol. 7 p. 495 
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The Significance of the Trans-Pacific Partnership for the Asia-Pacific in THE TRANS-PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT: A CRITICAL ASSESSMENT (National Autonomous University of Mexico, 2013)

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The Web of Trade Agreements and Alliances, and Impacts on Regulatory Autonomy (with S. Frankel, C. Nixon and J. Yeabsley), RECALIBRATING BEHAVIOUR: SMARTER REGULATION IN A GLOBAL WORLD (S. Frankel and D. Ryder, eds.) (LexisNexis: 2013)

What to Do When Disagreement Strikes? The Complexity of Dispute Settlement under Trade Agreements (with S. Frankel, eds.), TRADE AGREEMENTS AT THE CROSSROADS (with Peter L.H. Van den Bossche) (Routledge: 2013)
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Achieving a Free Trade Agreement of the Asia-Pacific: Does the TPP Present the Most Attractive Path?, THE TRANS-PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP : A QUEST FOR A TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY TRADE AGREEMENT (C.L. Lim, D. Elms and P. Low, eds.) (Cambridge University Press:   2012) p. 223
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Open Accession Provisions in FTAs: A Bridge Between Regionalism and Multilateralism?, MULTILATERALISM AND REGIONALISM IN GLOBAL ECONOMIC GOVERNANCE: TRADE, INVESTMENT AND FINANCE (J. Nakagawa, ed.) (Routledge:   2011)
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Trade Agreements and Regulatory Autonomy: The Effect on National Interests (with S. Frankel), LEARNING FROM THE PAST, ADAPTING FOR THE FUTURE: REGULATORY REFORM IN NEW ZEALAND (S. Frankel, ed.) (LexisNexis:   2011)

Safety Standards and Indigenous Products: What Role for Traditional Knowledge?, INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC LAW AND NATIONAL AUTONOMY (with S. Frankel, ed.) (Cambridge University Press:   2010) p. 169-191
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The Politics and Indirect Effects of Asymmetrical Bargaining Power in Free Trade Agreements, THE POLITICS OF INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC LAW (T. Broude, M. Busch, A. Proges, eds.) (Cambridge Uni. Press:   2010)
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The Prisoners' Dilemma and FTAs: Applying Game Theory to Trade Liberalization Strategy, CHALLENGES TO MULTILATERAL TRADE THE IMPACT OF BILATERAL, PREFERENTIAL AND REGIONAL AGREEMENTS (L. Boulle, et al., eds.) (Wolters Kluwer:   2008) p. 21-39
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