Faculty Workshops 2017-18

For additional information about Law Faculty Workshops, contact Guyora BinderLight food and refreshments will be available 30 minutes prior to each workshop.

Unless noted otherwise, workshops are held in the Cellino and Barnes Conference Center. Lunch will be served at 12:00 p.m.; talk will begin at 12:30 p.m.

Papers are only available for download to UB faculty and staff. To download the papers, please use your UBID name and password.

Upcoming Workshops

Apr. 13

2018 Mitchell Lecture: Jack Balkin (Yale Law School)
Title: The First Amendment in the Second Gilded Age [Details]

Past Events

Mar. 30

Baldy Distinguished Speaker: Shauhin Talesh (University of California, Irvine School of Law)
Title: How Legal Intermediaries Facilitate or Inhibit Social Change
Download the paper (PDF)

Mar. 9

Jessica Owley
Title: Taking the Public out of Public Lands: Shifts in Coal-Extraction Policies in the Trump Administration
Download the paper (PDF)

Mar. 2

Baldy Distinguished Speaker: Michael Storper (UCLA Regional and International Development)
Title: The Rise and Fall of Urban Economies: Lessons from Los Angeles and San Francisco
Download the paper (PDF)

Feb. 16

John Henry Schlegel
Title: To Dress for Dinner
Download the paper (PDF)

Feb. 9

Baldy Distinguished Speaker: Allison Hoffman (University of Pennsylvania Law School)
Title: Health Care’s Market Bureaucracy
Download the paper (PDF)

Feb 1 - Law Review Camp

 Michael Boucai, "Marriage and the Constitution"
    Commentators:  Lucinda Finley, Amanda Hughett (Baldy Fellow)
    Download the paper (PDF)

 Anya Bernstein “The Language of Democracy in the Taiwanese Bureaucracy” 
    Commentators: Kristin Stapleton (History), Michael Boucai
    Download the paper (PDF)

Christine Bartholomew & Jim Wooten, “Venue under Erisa” 
    Commentators: Anya Bernstein, David McNamee (Baldy Fellow)
    Download the paper (PDF)

Jan. 31 - Law Review Camp

 Rick Su, “Antisanctuary” (by skype) 
    Commentators: Nicole Hallett, Matt Steilen
    Download the paper (PDF)

    Presenter: Athena Mutua, "Doubting the Morality of Markets:  Race, Class and Economic Liberties."
    Commentators:  Matt Dimick, Mark Bartholomew
    Download the paper (PDF)

    Presenter: Martha McCluskey, “Beyond Neoliberal Autonomy”
    Commentators: Athena Mutua, Jack Schlegel
    Download the paper (PDF)

Jan. 19 - Law Review Camp

    Presenter: Todd Brown “Medical Care Providers' Duties to Third
    Commentators: Christine Bartholomew, Danielle Duryea
    Download the paper (PDF)

    Presenter: Errol Meidinger “Trans Pacific Partnership” (by skype) 
    Commentator: Jessica Owley, Tara Melish
    Download the paper (PDF)

Jan. 18 - Law Review Camp

    Presenter: Matt Dimick "Legal Rules versus Income Taxes: The Minimum Wage and Optimal Redistribution Policy.”  
    Commentators: Jim Wooten, Neel Rao (economics)
    Download the paper (PDF)

    Presenter: Matt Steilen "How to Think Constitutionally About Prerogative"
    Commentators: Jim Gardner, David McNamee (Baldy Fellow) 
    Download the paper (PDF)

    Presenter: Jim Gardner “The Theory of Contestatory Federalism.”
    Commentators: Matt Steilen, Munroe Eagles (political science)
    Download the paper (PDF)

--- 2018 ---

Dec. 8

Baldy Distinguished Speaker: Christine Desan (Harvard Law School)
Title: The Monetary Structure of Economic Activity
Download the paper (PDF)

Dec. 7

James Gardner and Antonio Hernández (Baldy Senior Fellow)
Title: Federalism and Constitutional Design
Download the paper (PDF)

Dec. 1

Luis Chiesa & Guyora Binder
Title: Inciting Suicide:  The Puzzle of Michelle Carter
Download the paper (PDF)

Nov. 17

David McNamee (Baldy Center Fellow)
Title: Capital Sentencing and Fundamental Law: A Participatory Case Against Death Qualification
Download the paper (PDF)

Nov. 10

Amanda Hughett (Baldy Center Fellow)
Title: 'A Hazardous Enterprise': Prisoners' Rights Lawyers' Quest for Justice Beyond the Courtroom
Download the paper (PDF)

Nov. 3

Danielle Duryea
Title: Theorizing the Theory of the Case
Download the paper (PDF)

Oct. 27

Rick Su
Title: Democracy in Rural America: Local Governments and the Plight of Rural Communities
Download the paper (PDF)

Oct. 13

Baldy Distinguished Speaker: Harold Koh (Yale Law School)
Title: The Trump Administration and International Law
Download the paper (PDF)

Oct. 6

Nicole Hallett
Title: The Problem of Wage Theft
Download the paper (PDF)

Sept. 8

Matthew Dimick
Title: The Law and Economics of Redistribution
Download the paper (PDF)

Martha McCluskey
Title: Defining the pie, not dividing it: re-framing social justice in law and economics
Download the paper (PDF)

Summer Law Review Camp

July 31

11:00 Steilen, Violence and Treason in the Separation of a Legislative Power
Comments: Manes, Schlegel

12:30 Chiesa, Entrenchment of Patterns of Criminality: Lessons From Comparative Law
Comments: Binder, Bernsteina

1:45  Manes, Secret Techniques: Rethinking Secrecy About Law Enforcement technology
Comments: Chiesa, Milles

Aug. 1

11:00  Bernstein, Democratizing Interpretation
Comments: Gardner, Steilen

12:30  Simard, Citing Slavery 
Comments: Gerken, Phillips

Aug. 8

11:00  M Bartholomew, Neuromarks
Comments: Hunt, Binder

12:30  Gardner, Subnational Contestation in Federal States
Comments: Su, Hinkle

1:45  Duryea, Title to be determined
Comments: Finley, C. Bartholomew

Aug. 9

11:00  C Bartholomew, Who is Afraid of E-Notice
Comments: Brown, Bernstein

12:30  Binder, A Democratic Theory of Unconstitutional Vagueness
Comments: Boucai, Wooten

1:45 A Mutua, The Morality of Markets
Comments: Dimick, Griffler