Faculty and Research

Faculty Workshops 2016-17

For additional information about Law Faculty Workshops, contact Guyora BinderLight food and refreshments will be available 30 minutes prior to each workshop.

Unless noted otherwise, workshops are held in the Cellino and Barnes Conference Center. Lunch will be served at 12:00 p.m.; talk will begin at 12:30 p.m.

Papers are only available for download to UB faculty and staff. To download the papers, please use your UBID name and password.

Upcoming 2017 Workshops

Sept. 15

Cristina Bicchieri (Dept. of Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania)
Title: TBA

Past Workshops

--- 2017 ---

Apr. 21

Anya Berrnstein
Title: Imagined Communicators in Statutory Interpretation
[Download the paper]

Apr. 14

Hiroshi Motomura (UCLA)
Title: Migrants, Refugees, and Citizens: What’s Next for Immigration Law and Policy?

Apr. 7

Errol Meidinger
Title: Mega-Regional Trade Agreements and Global Environmental Governance: The Case of the
Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement
[Download the paper]

Mar. 31

Margaret Boittin, (Baldy Speaker - York University)
Title: The Whore, the Hostess, and the Honey: Policing, Health, Business, and the Regulation of Prostitution in China

Mar. 17

Douglas NeJaime (UCLA)
Title: Assimilating Difference

Mar. 10

Erin F. Delaney (Northwestern University Law School)
Title: A Federal Case for Judicial Review: From Structure to Rights

Mar. 3

Mitra Sharafi (University of Wisconsin)
Title: Corruption and Forensic Experts in British India

Feb. 23 & 24

Ocean Legalities: The Law and Life of the Sea
View schedule and participants
Contact: Irus Braverman, irusb@buffalo.edu  

Feb. 17

Matthew Steilen
Title: A Digital Text in Constitutional Law: Some Goals and a Platform

Feb. 10

Ane Mariella Bacigalupo (Baldy Speaker - UB Anthropology)
Title: The Law of the Spirit in Chile: Judge Karen Atala’s Transformative Vision and her LGBT Rights Child Custody Case

Jan. 25 - Law Review Camp

Presenter: Michael Boucai, “Constitutionality of Marriage”
Commentators: Matthew Steilen, Isabel Marcus

Presenter: Anthony O’Rourke, “Parallel Enforcement”
Commentators: Matthew Dimick, Errol Meidinger

Jan. 23 - Law Review Camp

Presenter: Matthew Dimick, “Strict Product Liability as Redistribution” 
Commentators: Lucinda Finley, Rick Su

Presenter: Justin Simard, “Attorneys, Agency and the Rise of Capitalism”
Commentators: John Henry Schlegel, S. Todd Brown

Presenter: John Henry Schlegel, “Hohfeld”
Commentators: James Wooten, Justin Simard

--- 2016 ---

Dec. 2

Errol Meidinger
Title: Transnational Business Governance Interactions in Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Nov. 18

Martha McCluskey
Title: Law, Economics and the Minimum Wage
[Download the paper]

Nov. 11

Jennifer S. Hunt
Title: The Perils of Introducing Evidence of Good Character: How Jurors Use Character Evidence and Why Existing Jury Instructions May Not Provide Adequate Protection
[Download the paper]

Nov. 4

Camilo Arturo Leslie (Baldy Postdoctoral Fellows)
Title: TBA

Oct. 28

David A. Westbrook
Title: The Rise of Celebrity Capitalism
[Download the paper]

Oct. 21 & 22

Workshop - Gene Editing: Life and Law Beyond the Human
Time: View the Workshop's schedule
Location: 509 O'Brian Hall

Oct. 21

Fall 2016 Mitchell Lecture - Editing the Environment: Emerging Issues in Genetics and the Law
Time: 2:00 p.m.
Location: Center for the Arts

Oct. 14

Ahmed White, Baldy Distinguished Speaker (University of Colorado)
Title: Its Own Dubious Battle: The Impossible Defense of an Effective Right to Strike
[Download the paper]

Oc.t 7

Cora True-Frost (Syracuse Law)
Title: Weapons of the Weak: the Prosecutor of the ICC’s Power to Engage the UN Security Council
[Download the paper]

Sept. 16

John Henry Schlegel
Title: "Thinking About Economic Development: Consider Buffalo"
[Download the paper]

Sept. 9

Kenneth Abbott (Arizona State University Law School)
Title: Experimentalist Governance 2.0: Taking 'Experiments' (More) Seriously
[Download the paper]

Sept. 2

John Henry Schlegel
Title: "Community and Economic Change in America: Buffalo, Queen City of the Great Lakes"

Aug. 16 - Law Review Camp

Presenter: Anthony O’Rourke " Reforming Parallel Enforcement" 
Commentators: Jonathan Manes, Guyora Binder

Presenter: Luis Chiesa,  "The Non-Riddle of Rape by Deception and the Reality of Sexual Autonomy"
Commentators: Anthony O’Rourke, Guyora Binder

Presenter: Rick Su, "Have Cities Abandoned Home Rule?"
Commentators: Anya Bernstein, Nicole Hallett

Aug. 15 - Law Review Camp

Presenter: Brenner Fissell " Federalism and Constitutional Criminal Law" 
Commentators: James Gardner, Luis Chiesa

Presenter: Brenner Fissell & Guyora Binder,  "Capital Punishment of Unintentional Felony Murder"
Commentators: Christine Bartholomew, Anya Bernstein

Presenter: Christine Bartholomew,  "Exorcising the Clergy Privilege"
Commentators: Luis Chiesa, Nicole Hallett

Aug. 3 - Law Review Camp

Presenter: Matthew Dimick, "Better Than Basic Income?  Liberty, Equality and the Regulation of Working Time"
Commentators: S. Todd Brown, Rick Su

Presenter: Matthew Steilen, "The Josiah Phillips Attainder and the Institutional Structure of the American Revolution"
Commentators: Anthony O'Rourke, John Henry Schlegel​