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We asked recent alumna, Caitlin O'Neil, about her law school Trial Team experience.
Rachel Vicario ’20 and Darian Wilkom '20 attend the International Chamber of Commerce’s 15th annual Commercial Mediation Competition in Paris.
2020 has been a whirlwind year so far. With everything going on, we hope that you are still excited about being accepted to law school!  Given the current circumstances, it may be impossible for you to visit law schools for an accepted student visit.
Students usually opt into Pass/Fail (P/F) grading—also referred to as Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory—when they struggle with a difficult subject matter and want to protect their GPA. It could also be that they opt to pursue a subject of interest outside their major. Given current circumstances surrounding the global pandemic, many institutions have amended their grading policies for the spring 2020 term, offering students more flexibility surrounding P/F grading.
Congratulations! You’ve been accepted to law school. But wait a minute, you were accepted to more than one… Hooray! Now you have a tough decision to make and you’ll probably need some money to secure your seat.
The School of Law’s Puerto Rico Recovery Assistance Legal Clinic completed its fifth service-learning trip to the island where a #UBLawResponds team of students and faculty continued legal and policy work to support a resilient Puerto Rico.
Applying for law school is a long and sometimes stressful process. Trying to get all of your ducks in a row can be a little bit easier if you have a singular list to tell you each step you need to take along the way.
Here at the UB School of Law, we recognize that the law school application process can be long and stressful. To help answer some of the many questions you have, we’re kicking off a series of Q&A blogs with the faculty, staff, or students who will be able to give you the information you need.
For many different reasons, some people would prefer to start their law school career in the spring. Spring starts aren’t very typical for law schools - but they do exist!
Applying to law school comes with a lot of questions. Below are 21 frequently asked questions and answers to help you decide if applying to law school is right for you!