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  • 21 Frequently Asked Questions About Law School
    Do you have questions about law school? Thankfully, we have answers! Check out these frequently asked Q&As to help you decide if law school is right for you.
  • From Our Students: A Culture of Community
    To get a better feel for the culture at UB Law, four Student Ambassadors shared their experiences with us in our latest blog post. Give it a read!
  • Putting Both Feet First: The UB Law Jump Start Experience
    The intricacies of America’s legal system often require an in-depth primer, and luckily for our students, UB Law’s Jump Start Program is here to help!
  • Law School Application Checklist: Everything You Need to Know
    Applying for law school can be stressful, but with the right checklist you won’t miss a thing! No need to make your own - we did it for you.
  • Leaving a Mark at UB Law: How One Student’s Journey Inspires Others
    What does it take to leave a mark at UB Law? Well, recent alum Shakierah Smith ’22 took the time to share how she did it in our recent blog post. Check it out!
  • What is my LSAC GPA? How is it different than my undergraduate GPA?
    Ever wonder how the Law School Admission Council calculates your undergraduate GPA for your law school application? In this blog, we break it down for you.
  • UB Law Boosts Bar Preparation Support
    The bad thing about bar exam preparation? The stress, the anxiety, the time-crunch, or is it the…well, all of it? The good thing is all of your student colleagues are suffering through the same process! Okay, those might be some gross generalizations, but the fact of the matter is that bar exam preparation is as difficult—and as much a rite of passage—as any other part of law school, and there are plenty of helpful leaders, mentors and resources to make sure you are fully prepared to take the exam when the time comes.
  • Tips for the Character & Fitness Process in Law School Admission and Beyond
    Choosing the career path of an attorney is an honorable one, but there’s no denying it can be a difficult one. For starters, you need good grades and a determined mindset to want to tackle the legal field, but alongside a solid GPA and work ethic there is also something else to consider: the Character & Fitness (C&F) process. Some states, including California, Massachusetts and New Jersey, start this process as part of the application to take the bar exam, while other states like New York wait until you’ve completed the bar exam. In either case, it’s important to familiarize yourself with these processes, as law school admissions routinely contain similar forms as part of the application.
  • How to Make the Most of Your Law School Orientation
    You’ve secured recommendation letters, wrote the perfect personal statement, submitted your application, and anxiously awaited a decision. Now, the moment has finally arrived. You’re about to start law school! As you embark on this journey, how do you make the best start? Before you dive into 1L classes, you will be introduced to your new school and classmates through an orientation program, and how you navigate these first few days could make all the difference in your law school experience. Want to start on the right foot? Here are a few things to consider to make the most of your law school orientation.
  • Planning & Practice: Career Services and Summer Internships at UB Law
    Summer is a time for hot sunshine, cool shade and all the sweet activities that come along with better weather. But it doesn’t mean you should zone out from your schoolwork completely! In fact, the summer is a crucial time to further your law career through summer internships. Whether you know exactly what you want to do with your law degree, or you’re looking to experiment in a new practice area, summer internships can give you the taste—and experience—for something new.



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