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The holiday season may be a time for giving, but it’s also a time for lawyers to assert rights over things the average person might think should be free to all to use.
More than thirty law schools are now accepting the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE), in addition to the traditional Law School Admission Test (LSAT), for admission to their JD programs.
With everything you need to submit for law school -- you shouldn’t let your resume fall through the cracks. How can you be sure your law school resume highlights your best attributes?
For international students coming to American law school, the challenge begins much sooner than the first day of classes. For some students, figuring out how to get their ID is harder than the actual courses.
Working with prospective LLM students, I come across many unique questions and situations.  The reasons for wanting to obtain a LLM are many, but of course there are still some questions that many people share.  Here are five of the most popular questions that come across my desk.
It’s almost a given that law school is harder than undergrad. What makes it more difficult? How can you make law school a little bit less stressful?
Law School is exciting but what’s even more exciting is practicing law!  How do you begin to help people with your legal skills even as a law student?  What does the Career Services Office do to help you?  
Whether you’re just entering law school or on your way out, you’ll eventually need an entry-level attorney résumé. If you’re just getting started, you can put these activities on your to-do list.
You want to do well on the bar exam. Actually, you want to do awesome on the bar exam. But you’re nervous - are you prepared? Will you pass?
Here’s the secret: there’s no undergraduate major that will guarantee entry into OR rejection from law school, nor ensure your success once you get in. Your choice of major will not improve performance on the LSAT, the bar exam, or in a courtroom.