Make a Gift

Leadership Through Giving

Our alumni and donors are passionate about why they choose to support the School of Law. Read and learn more about our donors.

“We want to support UB,” Deters says. “We think they’ve done fabulous things for the community, especially the city. We want to do our giving where it has the most impact for the buck. And the law school is very important to UB. They’ve got a great, great reputation.”
"The entire Castellani family has had a long commitment to the community, and this is just one of the ways we show our appreciation for all that the community has done for us."
"... when Buffalo awarded me the Margaret Wong Scholarship I was on cloud nine."
“UB law’s greatest strength can’t be seen. With time, it can be sensed. Later, it can be keenly felt. Eventually it can become a tool and an asset, and finally a source of sustenance and comfort. The strength to which I refer is community.”