Our Student Ambassadors

Our volunteer Student Ambassadors are an enthusiastic group of law students who help promote the School of Law to prospective students, law alumni and the legal community.

Student Ambassadors participate in numerous events, including accepted student visit programs, accepted student phone campaigns, School of Law open houses, campus tours and online chats.

Click on their photos to learn more about our Student Ambassadors:

  • TJ Bullock '24
    "The School of Law was very highly recommended by other legal professionals, the campus is beautiful, and the community in the Buffalo area is lively."
  • Haley Case '24
    "Make sure you go to a school that seems like a good fit for you and you will be comfortable at. You may think that somewhere competitive will help more with job prospects, but it may not allow you to succeed."
  • Ariyana DeWitz ‘24
    "The 3+3 program allowed me a great opportunity to save money and save a year of school. While at University at Buffalo, I became acclimated to the greater Buffalo community, while still being close to my hometown."
  • Emily Gamello ‘24
    "Try to stay focused on your personal goals and not what everyone else is doing. Everyone has goals that are specific to them, and the steps to get there are different for everyone. I also recommend taking study breaks for Bills games! "
  • Lexi Horton ‘24
    "No matter how overwhelming the process feels, always remember the bigger pictures and why you chose to go to law school!"
  • Ryan Hughes ‘24
    “Deciding on the right law school was a tough decision and I certainly had to weigh many competing options. Ultimately, I chose the UB School of Law because I knew I’d have the opportunity to explore new interests, foster impactful relationships, and continue growing as a student.”
  • Shelby Majda '24
    "Don’t let your nerves stop you from enjoying every step of the process and making new friends."
  • Jéla Paul ‘24
    “Remember your ‘WHY’ and look to your support system when things get rough. Put yourself first and prioritize a balance. Do what works for YOU!”
  • Christian Soto '24
    "The Buffalo legal community is close-knit, and the alumni network sets up current students for a multitude of opportunities. UB Law provides many avenues to experiment with your legal interests and improve as a future practitioner of the law."
  • Jenna Wojdan '24
    "Law school will be hard, but it isn’t impossible and it certainly doesn’t have to be miserable. Do the work, but ENJOY it!  Don’t let yourself get sucked into a rabbit hole of self-pity."
  • Timothy Allaire ‘25
    "Don’t feel like you need to have everything planned out ahead of time. Just come into school with an open mind and be ready to adjust as you learn new things."
  • Hannah Baker ‘25
    "From the start, UB Law has been a welcoming community and the people within the community are proven advocates for positive change. "
  • Alexis Buckner ‘25
    "Remember that your fellow students are here to support you. Everyone is going through the same feelings of excitement and nervousness, so its okay to lean on each other if your ever feeling stressed out. Chances are they are feeling the same emotions as you!"
  • Mia Forney ‘25
    "Be sure to make time for yourself and activities that you enjoy outside of school. The workload can be overwhelming at times but it’s so important to schedule that time to give yourself a mental break."
  • Theresa Lee ‘25
    "Be open to saying yes to all the opportunities that are posted by the faculty, staff, and student groups!"
  • Jon Terzioglu ‘25
    “I chose UB School of Law because of its excellent student-to-faculty ratio. Additionally, I believe UB School of Law will set me up for success in my future legal career.”
  • Kyli Tripoli ‘25
    “I chose UB School of Law because of its excellent student-to-faculty ratio. Additionally, I believe UB School of Law will set me up for success in my future legal career.”