Aparnaa Bhatt '09, Stefanie Svoren '09, Michael Hecker '09, Olga Vinogradova '09 in front of the U.S. Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C.

About the Buffalo Human Rights Center

As the focal point for human rights work at the School of Law, the Buffalo Human Rights Center fosters coursework, research, scholarship and direct engagement in human rights among faculty and students.

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Providing direction and vision to the study and practice of international human rights law, it is conceived on the premise that scholarship and action are inseparable.


Throughout the year, the center organizes speakers, conferences, films and symposia with leading human rights thinkers and practitioners.

The Center also funds and facilitates student internships with leading human rights organizations worldwide, introducing students to the intellectual complexity of human rights law through practice.

It also organizes opportunities for students to participate in international meetings to expose them to the process of international law making, and maintains a close working relationship with the Buffalo Human Rights Law Review and the Immigrant Justice and Human Rights Clinic.

Interdisciplinary Focus

Because of the intersection in human rights of law, politics, morals and ethics, the study of human rights at School of Law is inherently interdisciplinary. The center maintains a wide range of cooperative links with human rights organizations, human rights programs in other universities, think tanks, and governmental or quasi-governmental agencies interested in human rights. In so doing, the Buffalo Human Rights Center seeks to bring attention to areas of human rights discourse that are less explored and developed. It employs a critical but engaged approach to teaching, scholarship and human rights practice.


The Buffalo Human Rights Center is directed by Professor Tara J. Melish. She is assisted by the dedicated efforts of the BHRC Student Advisory Board and Student Directors.