2011 Fellows

Elizabeth Heins '12

Eliza Heins.

I spent summer 2011 interning for the United Nations Development Programme in Pristina, Kosovo. I worked in the Justice and Security Division, which is managed by Chris Decker '96. I worked on both the Rule of Law project and the Access to Justice project.

Rule of Law project: I researched and wrote a report that compared Kosovo's law on the bar examination with the laws of neighboring countries (especially former Yugoslav republics), other Balkan states, the European Union and the United States. The report offered both an encyclopedic comparison of the laws and a recommendation on how to improve Kosovo's law.

Access to Justice project: I developed a four-part assessment instrument to measure the efficiency of national Legal Aid Offices supported by UNDP. The four parts looked at the question of efficiency from objective and subjective perspectives from former clients, Legal Aid Office employees and the larger legal community. I was able to help begin implementing the instruments during my time in Kosovo. It was great to travel within the country and to meet Legal Aid Officers and former clients.

Interning abroad was a fantastic opportunity to learn about another system of law, to make national and international contacts in the human rights field, and to be able to contribute to the burgeoning legal system in a post-conflict country. I am grateful for the opportunity.