we the people.

Mission and History

Mission Statement

The Jaeckle Center for Law, Democracy, and Governance, a research center located within the University at Buffalo School of Law, is dedicated to the study of the ways in which law, politics and the principles of democratic self-governance intersect.

The Center's activities focus on issues of political practice and governmental structure, with a special emphasis on questions of public participation, democratic responsiveness, power distribution and decentralization.

Specific topics of interest to the Center include:

  • The structure and operation of democratic institutions and processes
  • The distribution of authority, autonomy and popular self-rule among different groups and levels of government
  • The nature and function of organic charters, including national and subnational constitutions and local government charters
  • The distribution of power between public and private stakeholders
  • The relationships among place, citizenship and identity
  • Regional questions of distributional justice