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The Buffalo Law Review, published since 1951, publishes 5 issues per year, with each issue containing articles from scholars, practitioners, and judges. The Law Review also publishes member-written pieces on contemporary legal issues.

About the Buffalo Law Review

The Buffalo Law Review's inaugural issue was published in 1951 by a group of students under the guidance of Professor Charles W. Webster, who had served as the executive editor of the Wisconsin Law Review. The first issue of the Buffalo Law Review was 350 pages and had an initial run of 100 copies without having any subscribers. The lead article in Volume 1 was written by Charles S. Desmond who was then an Associate Judge on the New York Court of Appeals and would later become the Chief Judge of New York's highest court.

In the fifty-plus years since its humble beginnings, the Buffalo Law Review has seen its subscription base grow from zero to well over 600. Today the Buffalo Law Review publishes five issues per year with each issue containing articles from scholars, practitioners, and judges. The Buffalo Law Review also publishes member-written pieces on contemporary legal issues.

The Buffalo Law Review prides itself on maintaining the highest level of integrity and objectivity in its selection process. Admission to the Law Review is open to the entire student body. Every year 28 to 32 new members are selected. Half of the students are selected based on first-year grades, Casenote scores, and a Diversity Statement. Admission for the other half is based solely on a combination of Casenote score and the Diversity Statement. Members may also be added from students transferring to the School of Law based on Casenote score and the Diversity Statement.

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Buffalo Law Review

The Buffalo Law Review is a student-run organization.  It’s many activities and initiatives are funded, in part, through generous donations.  Please follow the below link to donate today.  All donations are gratefully appreciated.

Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief: Mathew J. Biondolillo
Executive Editor: Juliette M. Miranda
Head Note & Comment Editor: Victoria S. Heist
Managing Editor: Rachel M. Golden
Business Editor: Claire Hofmeister
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Editor: Racquel Joan Bozzelli
Executive Publication Editors: Davis B. Anderson, Madeline S. Becker, Ciara Donohue, Jordan C. Eaton, Taylor L. Phelps

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Anthony O’Rourke


The Buffalo Law Review’s current annual subscription rate is $36.  You may subscribe via the University’s Marketplace.  Subscriptions purchased here will be automatically renewed until you cancel your subscription.

Current and Past Volumes

Current and past volumes can be found online, free, in full-text on the School of Law's Digital Commons.

The Docket

The Docket is an online extension of the Buffalo Law Review designed to promote scholarly legal discourse. To that end, the Editorial Board of the Buffalo Law Review invites members of the legal community to submit short responses to articles recently published in The Review.

In addition to showcasing such response pieces, The Docket provides a platform for authors to respond to pieces published in other journals, or to publish shorter original works, such as essays. By extending the dialogue beyond the four corners of our printed pages, we hope that The Docket will serve as a platform for furthering legal discussion. Responses selected for publication will be professionally edited by the staff of the Buffalo Law Review and permanently available on our website.

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For further information regarding the copyright clearance policies of the Buffalo Law Review please contact us at law-blr@buffalo.edu (ATTN: Business Editor).