Study Abroad.

Study Abroad

The practice of law has become increasingly globalized with attorney and client often located in different countries.  As a law school located within minutes of an international border, the University at Buffalo School of Law keenly recognizes the value of studying law in another country.

Our study abroad options provide students with the opportunity to

  • pursue areas of legal study which will complement their Buffalo coursework;
  • to improve their understanding of a foreign legal system and cultural practices;
  • and to enhance their ability to work across cultures and borders in their future legal careers.

In addition, students will gain valuable skills navigating their way around a new school, legal system and country, while making linkages and friendships that will endure long past law school.

Our Bilateral Exchange Programs

When you visit either one of these institutions you are considered an international exchange student, which is governed by the formal exchange agreement with that partner school.

Jordan Sieracki.

Jordan Sieracki '18 blogs about her experience studying abroad at the University of Glasgow, Scotland in the fall of 2016.

Contact Us

If you are interested in our Study Abroad program, please contact:

  • Meredith Kolsky Lewis, Professor; Director of the Cross-Border Legal Studies Center; Vice Dean for International and Graduate Programs
Australia Scotland Spain

Australia: University of New South Wales Law

UNSW Law graduates receive an internationally recognized qualification and the specialized skills and attributes they need to succeed in their chosen career paths.

University of New South Wales Law School exterior.

With over 50,000-plus undergraduate and postgraduate students, the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney is one of Australia’s most cosmopolitan universities. The main UNSW campus, Kensington Campus, is located just over 4 miles from the city center of Sydney. Other major campuses are Art & Design in Paddington and UNSW Canberra at the Australian Defense Force Academy.

Established in 1949 with a unique focus on the scientific, technological and professional disciplines, UNSW is committed to making a difference through pioneering research and preparing the next generation of talented global citizens for career success. UNSW is one of Australia's leading international universities, attracting outstanding scholars and students from around the world. Ranked in the top 15 law schools globally, UNSW Law attracts students from over 130 different countries.

Location: Sydney, capital of New South Wales and one of Australia's largest cities, has a diverse population of over 4 million people. This vibrant city features a rich history, coastal location, and internationally-recognized tourist attractions like the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, the Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney Tower’s Skywalk, and the Darling Harbour.

Academics: University at Buffalo School of Law students coordinate course choices with their academic advisors. Law students may "mix and match" coursework within the JD and Masters of Law programs; however, they may not enroll in courses with "JURD" course codes.

UNSW Law JD Program and Postgraduate Law coursework programs include:

  • Master of Laws (LLM)
  • Master of International Law and International Relations (MILIR)
  • Master of Human Rights Law and Policy (MHRLP)
  • Master of Dispute Resolution (MDR)
  • Master of Environmental Law & Policy (MELP)
  • Master of Business Law (MBL)
  • Master of Law, Media and Journalism (MLMJ)
  • Master of Criminal Justice & Criminology (MCJC)

Students may view the UNSW Student Handbook to search courses. UB School of Law students should search "Undergraduate" and "Postgraduate" Faculty of Law courses, beginning with the "LAWS" course codes. You will see many undergrad "LAWS" courses are cross-listed with graduate level "JURD" courses. You may enroll in Laws classes only. You may not enroll in "JURD" courses.  

To learn more about accommodations, costs and the application process, visit UB’s website Study Abroad: University of New South Wales Law School.

During a student’s time away, 12 placeholder credits will be inputted to demonstrate a student’s enrollment status. These 12 credits do not necessarily represent the exact number of credits that will transfer in upon the receipt of transcripts from a foreign institution.