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What Undergraduate Majors make the Best Lawyers?

Published January 26, 2022

So, you want to be a lawyer. But, you need a Bachelor’s Degree first. There are so many options, and your dream Law School simply states Bachelor’s Degree required. Which courses and major of focus should you pursue to succeed in Law School, and as a future Lawyer? Well, the answer is pretty simple, whatever you want!

A Plethora of Majors

If you attend a University or College like the University at Buffalo, where there are hundreds of Undergraduate Majors, it may be daunting to single out one to pursue. But, when it comes to Law, there are no requirements for you to pursue a set course of study.

There is a common myth that certain majors may give you an edge in the application process, and while many students may pursue majors related to Law, it does not influence the application process at all. In fact, UB School of Law’s most recently admitted class is made up of students from forty-seven different majors! You can explore the full list on our Entering 3-Yr. J.D. Profile, with majors spanning from Environmental Design to Mechanical Engineering to Russian Literature and Culture!

Armed with the knowledge of their unique focuses, and soon their knowledge of law, these students are sure to be spectacular lawyers when they graduate in 2024!

What about the LSAT and GRE?

If you are considering applying to Law School you are likely aware of the LSAT and GRE requirements, and you may be curious, does your Undergraduate major impact your scores? The short answer? No, it does not.

While your Undergraduate experience may very well impact how you score on these standardized tests, most colleges and universities instruct students on writing, math, sciences, and reasoning as a part of their general curriculum. These core courses are what will introduce you to content on both the LSAT and GRE, so stay focused and sharp, even if they are not directly related to your major!

Tip: When it comes to the LSAT, GRE, and the Application Process you may notice that each has something in common, writing! For those considering applying to Law School in their Senior year, but took writing courses in your freshman year, you may consider practicing and honing your writing through online preparations, writing workshops, and perhaps even a more advanced writing course at your college or university!

But, what major should I choose?

When it comes to choosing your major there are a variety of tools and resources at your disposal. The purpose of this blog is to eliminate any misconceptions about your Law School journey, and how your major affects this journey. Truthfully, the best piece of advice we can give you is to choose a major you are passionate about and can succeed in. To do so, contact your universities advising department, your exploratory advisor, or the universities career services office. Their respective teams have helped numerous students choose their majors, and can best assist in the process of exploring and declaring your own!

Though there is no specific major that will contribute to your success in law school, you may be interested in exploring our most popular, and our most shocking, pre-law majors. Check out the blog here!

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