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How to Prepare for Law School During COVID-19

Published June 29, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on millions of lives, and in many ways, it has changed the way we carry on in our daily lives. Accordingly, schools are trying to navigate the balance between distance learning and traditional on-site classes.

Trying to determine the next steps in your educational career is already challenging, and it has become more difficult due to COVID-19.

If you think law school is on the horizon for you, here are our tips for how you can start preparing amidst a global pandemic.


According to the LSAC, in-person testing dates for the LSAT have been cancelled, and are being replaced with remote exams called LSAT-Flex.

This is a step forward for a very traditional system, and now law school entry exams are more accessible for prospective students.  

As of the current date, many states have postponed Bar exams for the summer, and the MPRE is currently expected to proceed as scheduled, according to The National Conference of Bar Examiners.

The GRE, which UB School of Law also accepts as an entrance exam, is offering at-home testing as well.

The New Normal

Many universities, especially law schools, are trying to figure out a healthy balance between on-site and distance learning. A law education requires a social aspect, due to the nature of the profession, and that’s something difficult to replicate with remote classes, as classes are only a portion of the experience.

UB School of Law recently released a statement informing the community that they intend to resume the fall term with modifications to keep everyone safe, including updates pertaining to classes, residence life, and general public health.

Since it is difficult for anyone to anticipate the amount of time this pandemic will continue or when things will go back to “normal”, when you’re considering pursuing a degree in law, you’ll need to take into consideration your own ability to handle distance learning if it is still required, or if you’re equipped to handle a hybrid-learning environment.

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