Summer Reading List

Published July 24, 2017

Law school is an entirely different experience from undergraduate studies. Expectations are higher. Competition is fiercer. You’ll have to re-dedicate yourself and work hard every day.

The good news is: there are tools to make law school more manageable. One of those tools is a law school reading list. Different schools may recommend different titles, but the core of knowledge is the same. These books help prepare you for your courses and the law school experience.

Why work through a law school reading list in the summer? The resources will help you understand the material, excel in your classes, and open up more opportunities once you graduate.

Here are our top picks and recommendations to get a head start on your law school education.

Summer Law School Reading List - Get a Head Start!

These books have been recommended by the UB School of Law faculty, students, and legal professionals.  Some books may be of particular interest to newly accepted students, international students, and others.

UB School of Law students and faculty alike are encouraged to leave comments and make suggestions for additional books to be added.

This is NOT mandatory reading!

Law School Prep

  1. The International Students’ Survival Guide to Law School in the United States - Rachel Gader-Shafran
  2. Reading Like a Lawyer - Ruth Ann McKinney
  3. Finding Your Voice in Law School - Molly Bishop Shadel
  4. Writing Essay Exams to Succeed in Law School - John C. Dernbach
  5. Tomorrow’s Lawyers - Richard Susskind
  6. Legal Language - Peter M. Tiersm
  7. Succeeding As an International Student in the United States and Canada - Charles Lipson; Allan E. Goodman (Foreword by)
  8. The Happy Lawyer - Nancy Levit; Douglas O. Linder


  1. The Constitution of 1787 - George Anastaplo
  2. Ordinary Injustice - Amy Bach
  3. On the Run: Fugitive Life in an American City - Alice Goffman
  4. Courtroom 302 - Steve Bogira
  5. Whose Monet? - John A. Humbach
  6. My Beloved World - Sonia Sotomayor
  7. Flagrant Conduct - Dale A. Carpenter
  8. The U. S. Constitution and Fascinating Facts about It - Terry L. Jordan
  9. The Collapse of American Criminal Justice - William J. Stuntz
  10. Rights of Inclusion - David M. Engel; Frank W. Munger
  11. Law 101 - Jay M. Feinman
  12. Alchemy of Race and Rights - Patricia J. Williams

Chances are you won’t finish all of these by the time you start law school. If you’re new to law school, we recommend starting with the prep resources.

These are all highly impactful reads - their perspectives and insight will be invaluable as you build your legal career!

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