School Information Portal.

School Information Portal

The School Information Portal (SIP) is the official site for finding news and updates from the School of Law to the law student body.

Information is distributed via:

  1. SIP website
  2. A weekly (Thursday) email digest of postings to the SIP website

Each law student is responsible reading the information posted on the School Information Portal. Law students must understand that they remain solely responsible for reading information disseminated through the portal, including important notices regarding deadlines and actions they may need to take as a student.

As we continue to improve this service, we will continue to adapt and add features. Student input is very important as we want to make sure we keep the entire law student body well-informed on the many activities and services available. Questions and suggestions about SIP can be directed to Kristina Lively.

SIP is a bulletin board system that allows law school administrative staff to post event announcements, administrative announcements, opportunities, and law school policies.

Postings to SIP are made by the following administrative offices: the dean’s office, admissions, registrar, student affairs, development, career services, alumni, law library, communications, the Baldy Center, law IT-AV and SBA.

Students will not be able to post to SIP, only SBA and law staff. If you have questions about a post, please contact the individual who posted the material.

To access SIP, click here.