The Changemakers

If you don’t embrace change, you’re probably living in the wrong chapter of history. There’s a difference, though, between coping with a changing world and working for change where it needs to be made.

Everyone is subject to the great tides of history. But it takes a special kind of person to step back, see where our world needs improvement, and then invest heart and soul in making that change happen.

Lawyers, trained to analyze and advocate, are uniquely positioned to do this work – and UB Law alumni are at the forefront of the charge. Whether they devote themselves to the growth of their community, to government service, to the mission of their non-profit organization or to the health of the legal profession, UB-trained lawyers are fighting the good fight in places where the world needs it most.

They are many, but let’s meet a few – 10 of our passionately committed alumni who are making the fight for change central to their lives and their work.